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Wednesday May 10th 2006, 8:34 pm
Filed under: Grace

the addiction is there, it grows stronger each day.

he is a distraction that consumes my mind.

it is not typical by all means.

rather deviant and evil.

he lets me play in his mind freely.

he willingly tolerates my torment.

each time i sting him with my words and thoughts…he grows hungrier for me.

each time i sting him…i grin in such an evil way.

each time i sting him…it is harder then the last sting.

the stings arouse me and empower me.

it is a web of twisted lust, darkness and deviancy.

it is not a tease, but an experience.

it is not a game, but a challenge.

he is paying first to have me later.

there is a cost for everything.

as i will pay share…

when he collects his dues.

when he claims what is his.

when he takes what he wants.

when i confess my sins to him as he fucks me.

when i continue to sting him to hurt me.

when i hear his voice in my ear…he will have me.

it was all done to get to the end result…

me in his bed, on my back with him between my legs.

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