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mounting tension
Saturday October 07th 2006, 11:16 pm
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just writing that title made me focus on “mounting” and just how badly i am aching for that as we speak.

as life and sleep tends to get in the way i was passed out by the time E came to bed. this morning as we are getting ready to play our role as godparent’s at a baptism, the tension was thick as i was getting ready. E would grab and spank me any time i was within reach.

we get in the car and he grabs at my thigh. he tells me he likes the way i look in my black, tight pants. it is going to be a long day.

i dread going to catholic churches. i dread the exhibitionism of rituals. i did not like the fact that my nephew was being dipped in water with other children and their germs. i was fuming before the “ceremony” started. but, i won’t get into religion on here. i am not an atheist either.

during this long drawn out process E would make quick grabs at my ass in the church. it felt deliciously evil and i did not shove him away as probably most women would have done.

i think the “your going to hell” part came in when E leans in and whispers to me as they are filling small bottles of “holy water” for each child…

“we should take that bottle of water, go to san francisco, get various churches to bless it and give you an enema with it.”

i looked at him with a look and said, “you realize now that you cannot even say anything about what i have been harping about all morning, you have crossed the line with that one.”

i won’t lie, the thought was delicious. i guess when i am fiending anything sexual sounds good to me.

as we drove to the reception E grabbed right between my legs. i moved into his hand as we drove by trucks and SUV’s. i almost felt a little nervous that people could see in to the car. i pushed his hand away and he just forced it back and made mention he did not care.

during the reception he whispers to me, “we need to go home because i want to fuck you right here, right now.”

i looked at him with a smile. that thought did not sound bad at all.

…like i said life gets in the way of hedonists.

i assure you, i will have something to write about before this weekend is over and i guarantee it will be grand. because, i can only hear “i wanna fuck you” only so many times before i grab him and tell him to “fuck me then”.

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wonderful “confession”
playing grab as in a church? shame on you ‘wink’

waiting for the story of how it ended.

Comment by Edtime Stories 10.08.06 @ 2:31 am

Graze, I have no idea why but the suggestion that E made about getting the holy water for you and give you an enama sounded absolutly erotic as hell!
I doubt Wind Walker will apreciate the idea that he just gave me!LOL

Comment by Storm Rider 10.08.06 @ 6:22 am

By the way, I do the same thing to Wind every time we are out. I make her stand VERY still as I slap her ass with my hand. After the first slap, she gets so excited that every time after the first, she cums each and every time I slap that gorgeous ass of hers!

Comment by Storm Rider 10.08.06 @ 6:24 am

I can’t wait to hear about your adventures this weekend!

Comment by NaughtyNikki 10.08.06 @ 7:03 am

“…like i said life gets in the way of hedonists.”

How true! But you are adept at shoving life out of the way to enjoy yourself!

Can’t wait to hear how you two released that bundled-up sexual tension. Your descriptions are always so hot and sexy . . .

Comment by Cherrie 10.08.06 @ 7:05 am

ed – no shame here. *bite*

storm – thank you, i was not sure how others would take that remark.

nikki – yes, it will be coming soon.

cherrie – we do our best.

Comment by Gracie 10.08.06 @ 10:43 am

I like
what you write,
and your needs
Won’t you cum
visit me?

Comment by eros in wunderland 10.08.06 @ 6:15 pm

The mental foreplay and the building tension makes it fucking outstanding. My fuck buddy leaves for weeks at a time and tell me how much he wants to fuck me and what he wants to do to me the entire time he’s gone. When he gets back, we almost fuck each other to death. Can’t wait to hear how the tension was all released 😉

Comment by Chris 10.08.06 @ 6:59 pm

churches have confessional botths, dont’ they?

of couse, you could let him just take you in the rectory, hehehe

Comment by exile 10.08.06 @ 9:32 pm

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