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morning after
Monday April 05th 2010, 6:57 pm
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it’s that period between being awake and a dream state. i press my naked backside to his front side. warm flesh nestled so perfectly together, i can hear his heavy breathing and yet his cock is slowly waking.  my hand reaches back splitting us apart as i gently grab his swelling cock. my ass presses against him, rubbing, grinding, it’s a rhythmic movement arousing his consciousness.

his hand moves draping over my breasts seeking my nipple out with fingertips. my eyes close as he pinches and tugs. my lips part with a long sigh, it’s the one things i ache for when we are together. i love the pain he gives me with the pleasure. at times the pain feels unbearable, i hiss and jerk my head grabbing to the iron headboard. other times i whimper being helpless yet begging for more.

slowly his hand snakes its way to my hipbone and the flesh of my cunt. massaging my flesh and I’m consumed with the thought of is his fingers pushing inside me or at least making my clit come. he teases me relentlessly and i think he wants me to beg, so i whimper and grab the arm leading to my lust.  a finger slides to the wetness and pulls back to my hard clit and he rubs it till i am panting and coming. “yesss” slithers from his lips when i come hard.

“fuck me.”

“fuck me.”

“fuck me,” i plea.

his body shifts upward, parts my legs and teases the tip of his cock inside of me. when he thrusts inside me I shudder at the relief of finally having my cunt properly filled.  on his knees he drives into me and holds his place as my legs wrap around him to buck against this cock. he hits my insides just right, i flood his cock with my wetness as it runs on to him and soaks the sheet beneath me. i’m lost in our primal efforts in the art of fucking.  it stops when his seed spills deep inside of me and i milk his cock watching him, feeling him jerk as i squeeze every bit out of him.

this post is featured on GV Magazine with photography by J.M. Darling

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So, after days of masturbating to borderline excess, I finally decided to sit down and write something about the place where I’ve found my head lately, deciding that I needed to exorcise demons and not more cum. Then I read this post, and now all I can do is picture you there, doing this, and it makes it hard to concentrate on anything else, especially something cathartic and introspective. Now, all I want to do is wake up next to someone, find my fingers inside them, feel their heat and wetness covering my hand, and hold my breath so I can hear them gasp as they shudder around me. I say this with appreciation. Damn it. Thank you.

Comment by Showmesecrets 04.05.10 @ 7:04 pm

you are welcome SMS and i am sorry you are trying to find a mental place of peace. i know that feeling. i think spring and a new moon is really fucking with us all right now.

Comment by Gracie 04.05.10 @ 7:50 pm

Relaxed minds, hard cock, hot, wet cunt. It doesn’t get any better. Not unless two aroused, sensitive nipples are added to the equation.

Comment by Hardin Reddy 04.05.10 @ 10:23 pm

I agree 🙂

Comment by Showmesecrets 04.06.10 @ 12:01 am

@Hardin it’s true. i am so much more calm in the mornings but i easily get roused too.

@SMS that should have read “spring and a new moon” i get ahead of myself when typing.

Comment by Gracie 04.06.10 @ 9:16 am

I imagine you in a nearly perpetual state of arousal. When you aren’t turned on, I think it’s because you’ve only just been satisfied..

Comment by ryanstgermain 04.07.10 @ 8:38 pm

You are on to something Ryan.

Comment by Gracie 04.07.10 @ 9:09 pm

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