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me and the quickie
Tuesday March 23rd 2010, 11:14 pm
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some how i got a bright idea to squeeze down to see him between our fucked up schedules. i thought this will beat waiting two weeks and it’s worth it, right?

all week i counted down the days and as my mind likes to, thought of all the nasty things i was going to be doing with him. i had a butt plug to test and i was bringing the Njoy Eleven down. oh yes, i think and plan out sex like a stupid bitch plans out valentine’s day.

Friday has come, i am beat from drinking the night before and i am dragging ass all day long. i drive down during rush hour traffic and it’s warm. trudge into his room and pass out for a nap. precious time is being taken up with eating, cleaning and a meeting. we finally meet in the bed near midnight and i was going to write off the sex because we were so beat. we manage to fuck and yes it was good, it’s always good. i was hoping he would pull the plug out and use it on me but i don’t think guys think like that when fucking.

we fall asleep.

it’s the morning and i find myself molesting him in his sleep. an alarm goes off he twists to turn it off and puts my hand back on his hard on. i’m thinking, mmmm morning sex. then the phone rings and that’s it. i don’t get to suck cock, i don’t get the pain i am craving, i don’t get to fuck again and no three fingers inside my cunt. game over.

since then i have been a goddamn mess, masturbating up to 11 orgasms Saturday night and masturbating this afternoon. i am in heat and i need to fuck.

in short, quickies and me don’t get along unless there is much more sex to be had within hours of the quickie.


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Quickies always leave me wanting. I don’t even entertain the notion of them anymore for that reason. I’d rather go down on a woman and get her off than try and get us both off in a short amount of time and hope that it’s going to really satisfy everyone.

Comment by ryanstgermain 03.23.10 @ 11:18 pm

@Ryan you should have warned me! lesson learned. *smile*

Comment by Gracie 03.23.10 @ 11:20 pm

Oh, where’s the fun in warning anyone of anything? I prefer that everyone learn the hard way…

Comment by ryanstgermain 03.23.10 @ 11:21 pm

@Ryan GAH!! i am the grumpiest deviant ever because of this! i will remember this Ryan…

Comment by Gracie 03.23.10 @ 11:27 pm

I hope you do, Gracie….(find a way to make me pay for it).

Comment by ryanstgermain 03.23.10 @ 11:32 pm

I’m sure it acts as very little consolation, but knowing that you’ve been fucking yourself silly is a ridiculously hot mental image, and at the very least, you get to do it with the knowledge that it’ll be truly incredible when you finally get that itch scratched. When do you see him again?

Comment by Showmesecrets 03.24.10 @ 12:58 am

@Ryan oh don’t you worry.

@SMS at least someone can appreciate the awful state i have been put in. i will see him Saturday. this week has been the longest week ever.

Comment by Gracie 03.24.10 @ 9:40 am

I’m with SMS on this Gracie! I was “watching” your 11 orgasms on Saturday. (I even ‘helped’ with #6.) Which got me quite excited. Thanks for sharing with us Gracie. Hope to hear how things go this Saturday. That Ryan will get what he has coming to him! Muhahaha…

Comment by Lamoixd 03.24.10 @ 2:49 pm

@Lamoixd thank you for taking the time to comment. i like to share my orgasms with the world. oh don’t worry about Ryan, he’ll get his just desserts.

Comment by Gracie 03.24.10 @ 3:10 pm

Thank you for blogging this 😉 … am I the only one who loves reading the way you describe your conundrums!

Comment by Pyrhonik 03.24.10 @ 6:48 pm

Oh poor, poor dear Gracie. I wish I could make it all better for you..hehehe.

You give that man what he has coming to him when next you meet! Hopefully you will see fit to share all the deviant details with us.

Comment by Mimi 03.24.10 @ 7:03 pm

@Pyrhonik yes, it’s not always perfect in Gracie’s Playground. *wink*

@Mimi yes, yes, poor poor me. can you rub this spot here? *smile* i will try to share the details. i’ve already threatened raping him in which he replied: “just remember, it’s not rape if they’re obviously asking for it.”

go figure. heh.

Comment by Gracie 03.24.10 @ 7:10 pm

Did you get it on Saturday?

Comment by X 03.29.10 @ 2:49 am

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