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matters of the heart
Monday July 23rd 2007, 9:29 pm
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he laid right next to my rigid body as i held the vibrator firmly against my hardened clit. the words of filth spewed from him as he was trying to get me off. i couldn’t speak and all i could do was answer him with moans, groans and ragged breath. i could feel the sweat starting to bead on my skin, my eyes were closed and my tongue was like a cat’s tail.

“you look so sexy.”

i bit my bottom lip.

“you like that male slut of yours? knowing he would hold a knife to his cock and slice it off for you the very minute you told him so. watching the blood spill out.”

my body jerked and convulsed.

“oh and that girl slut of yours, holding the knife to her cunt ready to cut it for you.”

i couldn’t believe he was telling me this and yet the images were in my head as he spoke. his hand was wrapped around his cock and jacking off. we hadn’t fucked, yet this seemed to be the most intense session with him.

my mind was keeping me from coming as the images flashed in my mind like rapid fire. i had to concentrate on one thing to get off. i just couldn’t. he kept talking to me and making me ache as my cunt sloshed as the vibrator would move.

randomly he would tug at my nipples, cover my nose and mouth. i noticed how my cunt responded to the act of him cutting off my air or blood. everything would heighten to near explosion but my body would react violently in desperate need of proper function.

he straddled my face as his head neared my sloppy cunt. i licked his balls as he adjusted and he flinched at the sudden lick. i tried to suck more of him but his semi-hard cock rested inside of my mouth as i sucked and tongued at the head of his cock. his fingers dug inside of me and teased my g spot. i felt his cock growing in my mouth reaching down my throat. i sputtered against his invasive flesh as he caused me to gush around his fingers.

the vibrator kept going and i thought i wasn’t going to get to that moment of utter colorful chaos. he moved back beside me talking to me again. i couldn’t remember exactly what he said, but it must have been the cum talk that broke me…

“you want me to cum all over you huh you cum slut? you want me to jack off on to your face and hair. you want my cum oozing out of all your holes, don’t you slut?”

my mouth gaped like a fish out of water, my back arched and i let out my last breath of life. i rolled, shook and felt the world lift me away for a few seconds. it was when i came back down that the tears rolled from my eyes.

as i laid there i realized how sullen i have become lately as my orgasms have been resulting in tears or crying fits. my heart still has not healed and i wondered how much longer will tears be tied to my orgasms. i miss the rage, anger and laughter.

today i had memories of white hotel sheets and soft pillows in a suite that overlooked the city. all though the memory is fading, my heart is a constant reminder.

NOTE: farewell to The Biker & The Teacher as they have decided to no longer add to their blog. i am not certain if they are going to remove the blog or not. you two will be sorely missed. it makes me sad as i am watching the blog world slowly crumble beneath me. lately i have been having the same thoughts as well. yet, it seems to just be a reoccurring phase when i am not inspired to write.

Thank you Chelsea Girl for Fleshbotting this post.

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My orgasms have also been tearful of late. It is an overwhelming feeling of late.

I, too, considered stopping my blog, but I know the words will come to me as I work through this period. And, I do so love that outlet. I hope that you will not go. Your voice will sorely be missed.

Comment by Megan 07.24.07 @ 4:17 am

Such a delicate blend of intimacy, filth, and mind control here. You hit all the buttons that keep me coming back.

Comment by Tom 07.24.07 @ 5:31 am

I think sometimes the power of an orgasm brings that flood of emotion. The sadness that’s sitting, really, just below the surface is pushed to the fore. I used to feel bad about the tears, but now I know it’s just another way my body and heart are letting me heal.

Let the tears come now, G. It’s their way out. Then, they’ll be gone.



Comment by Eve 07.24.07 @ 6:21 am

Also, it seems there’s lots of talk from various bloggers about ending their blogging days. I’m still so new to this community, but I imagine it’s cyclical. Some come, some go, some come back.

Like the tears, this is a place of release, in a way. Eventually, it’s just unnecessary.

I’d miss you,though.


Comment by Eve 07.24.07 @ 6:24 am

Very strong imagery, and I’m sorry you’re at a low point right now. Enjoyment of sex is tied into your own self-esteem and how others around you are treating you. Hopefully things will get better for you soon.

Comment by Cherrie 07.24.07 @ 6:28 am

Though I have felt the urge to cry after an orgasm, the tears are yet to fall. But I know it’s because I ma overwhelmed by the beauty of it that I share with Amorphous.
I do hope that you do not leave us gracie. I would not be a very happy mina. I would miss you so.

Comment by Mina 07.24.07 @ 8:10 am

gracie- the scene above it intense, passionate and even mental…i too have had similar feelings lately after orgasming and have had a hard time dealing. i understand a bit of what you are going through.

i hope you stay with us in the blog world gracie…i have come to love your writing. i understand when inspiration to write fades a bit…i have been dealing with that lately. i just always look to be inspired again.

Comment by darkpixie 07.24.07 @ 11:46 am

[…] Matters of the Heart he laid right next to my rigid body as i held the vibrator firmly against my hardened clit. the words of filth spewed from him as he was trying to get me off. i couldn’t speak and all i could do was answer him with moans, groans and ragged breath. i could feel the sweat starting to bead on my skin, my eyes were closed and my tongue was like a cat’s tail. “you look so sexy.” i bit my bottom lip. […]

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You sound so sad, baby. So mournful. I understand tears related to sex. I really do. My flip outs and crying fits have been overwhelming. Even happy with him, there I am, crying on him. In one way it makes the experience so much more intense because it invokes the entire spectrum of feeling, yet in another way it fades some of the color from the pleasure. I hope you find your peace, my dear. You words are always hot either way.

Comment by Chris 07.24.07 @ 4:36 pm

I hope those tears reside and leave only hot intense orgasms for you. *hugs* Hang in there, Gracie!

Comment by Lustdemon 07.25.07 @ 7:43 am

Everything goes through cycles. The laughter will return quicker than you think!

Comment by NC 07.25.07 @ 10:53 am

Funnily enough, I cried after sex today too, maybe it’s catching this week! I loved the sexual intensity of this by the way – very very filthy, gorgeously written.

Comment by dirtyboy 07.26.07 @ 2:54 pm

thank you all for your comments on this post and mostly support. i am fine, really. i feel the past fews days have been an ongoing battle if i am going to call it quits or not.

i think my training for this race has bogged me down tremendously and as E said, “it is good to get in over your head every once in a while.”

THAT i have done.

so please bear with me as i finish up my last weeks (5 to be exact) with this hideous running schedule and i will see how i feel in the end.

the benefits to running you might wonder? health of course and E not keeping his hands to himself (i am not complaining).

have a great weekend everyone.

Comment by Gracie 07.27.07 @ 11:03 am

We’ll be happy to wait for you sweetheart.
This was so powerful!
I loved it.



Comment by Desire X 07.28.07 @ 9:16 pm

I have not commented in a while. Good luck on this run, is it a full marathon or half?? You are brave honey… I only run when someone is chasing me. Take care hon.

Comment by Bad Bad Girl 07.29.07 @ 9:50 pm

Another intense, erection inducing post. Mmmmm WOW

Comment by The Fury 07.30.07 @ 9:06 pm

Thank you for shairning this with me. I discovered your blogs by entering breath play in google. I hope you continue to share your thoughts on this site as i wouldd like to add more comments. Take care and hope the muse return soon with more thoughts for us to share. dragonfire1804 aka Mary

Comment by dragonfireq804 11.02.08 @ 1:10 pm

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