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Saturday January 21st 2006, 9:17 pm
Filed under: Masturbation

i was watching a beautiful cock cum this afternoon. his hands would move up and down. it made me so hot watching and waiting patiently for him to release his hot lust. his cock had a lovely curvature at the end which made me envision riding him perfect. he was close and i was wet. his lovely, creamy white cum shot on to his tummy. i wanted to lick it up. he was working me horny with his cock and words.

i had to get into the shower to play. i turned on the hot water as my high was kicking in. i had a stupid grin on my face and silence was amusing me. the hot water bouncing off of my flesh tingled. i soaped up each part and teased my pussy with the soap bar. i worked the tip of the bar into my needing slit. putting down the bar, two fingers shoved into my soapy, wet cunt. i leaned up against the wall on my arm. i started to pant heavy as i fucked myself and hitting that spot. pulling out i started to rub my clit. it was already hard and firm. my body would lightly spasm with pleasure. tiny moans escaped my mouth as it was cracked opening yearning. my fingers traveled around to my ass. i forced my middle finger into my tight bud and started to fuck my own ass while tugging at my hard nipples. it felt wonderful as i violated my own body.

i tugged down the shower head and sat in the tub. i put one leg up on the edge of the tub, opening myself up. i put the setting to three vibrating streams. i could feel the shower head start to vibrate. the other settings did not do this. it clicked in my mind, this shower head and this particular setting was made for me. for me to cum with. i shoved it between my legs and pushed one of the streams on to my hard clit. the water bounced violently off of my clit while massaging roughly. it felt like a nice, watery tongue or cock working my clit. i started to move the shower head and my body started to jerk forward. fucking myself with a water cock caused me to rise and jerk to an oragasm that sent juices spurting from my swollen cunt. my breathing fast and hard, i felt my wet hole and fucked myself with my two fingers. the wetness was slippery and inviting. i rubbed in and out and up to my clit. i kept playing till the slippery wetness washed away.

my pussy is still sore now as i type. i am satisfied…just for now.

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