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Tuesday August 21st 2007, 9:33 pm
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i really need to stop watching so much porn. that seems to be my nightly thing during this long and shitty week. i imagine i would be in a much more fowl mood had i not ended the painful days with a few orgasms. i used to be able to watch porn, become aroused and get wet but hold off on the urgent need to get off. i am not sure what kind of monster i am becoming. because i have this new fond obsession with masturbation i have been looking at toys that i really would love to add to my collection: stainless steel threaded love wand in a 1inch of course and the pure plug 2.0.

i opened up my chat application this evening to see one line from D, “want to molest you little girl.” that made me smile and squirm at the same time as my thoughts rush to him pushing as many fingers as he can shove up inside of me. i enjoy him being filthy with me and encourage the taboo words that come from his mind. i wonder how far he and i can take it. i hope it is to the point that the deviants i know would turn away from such an exchange.

next friday will mark the second year of me blogging. since i really don’t want to reflect right now, i did want to see if any fellow exhibitionist readers or bloggers out there wanted to submit a photo that represents “2”. i will pick the photo(s) to go along with my “2 years of blogging” post. you will get credit of course unless you want to remain anonymous. if you submit a photo please let me know how you do or do not want to be credited for your efforts. i will take it upon myself to alter, crop or enhance any photos i see fit.

yes, i am still having sex, phone sex and everything else in between. i just try hard not to sound like a broken record on here. so, if it is worthy of writing about, well then i write about it. i have a feeling once this dreadful training is over with and i cut my running down i will have more free time and energy. till then, hang in there and bear with me. it is down to mere weeks now and i am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

Edit: on the photos…you all know me, please be creative. put some thought into it. *smile*

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A photo that represents “2”? That’s easy . . .

did i mention be creative??? *wink*

Comment by Cherrie 08.21.07 @ 9:48 pm

Do you have a deadline, G? I imagine next Thursday or so, but let me know. Just because I really want to send you something (you know what an exhibitionist slut I am), but my time is also filled.

There’s so much I want to show you.


Eve, i would love a photo from you and next Thursday sounds fine. i am going to try to get the post up on Friday before i leave town.

thank you.

Comment by Eve 08.22.07 @ 9:00 am

Already thinking of a good “2” type of photo….have a few in mind. Love to be a good exhibitionist slut, especially if it causes all those wonderful new toys of yours to be used…

i look forward to them NC.


Comment by NC 08.22.07 @ 11:21 am

I have far “2” many ideas for this. Maybe I’ll go grade school and send you a collage.


i was going to do a collage type thing with all the photos.

i look forward to your creativity Mark.

Comment by mark (raven in nyc) 08.22.07 @ 2:49 pm

Oooo what a lovely challenge. A and I shall have to come up with something!


i look forward to it.

Comment by Mina 08.23.07 @ 8:10 am

that is a great challenge…maybe I will come out of my shell and send something

that would be nice Ed.

Comment by Ed 08.25.07 @ 10:51 am

dont turn the porn off!

i don’t plan on it.

Comment by kitty 08.25.07 @ 10:42 pm

…and after you watch the porn, come find me, young lady…I’d love to phonefuck you to death!…:) TWICE!…THERE’S your 2…

phone fuck me to death…i think i want to live to fuck again.

Comment by ronjazz 08.26.07 @ 9:49 am

I absolutely love to watch porn while fucking.
just takes everything to a different level.

mmmm…I think I may partake this evening.


Comment by Cha0sByDesign 08.27.07 @ 9:52 am

Your mind is designed to make my cock ineluctably throb and ache.

well i am glad that my mind is designed for something. *smile*

Comment by Tom 08.27.07 @ 2:51 pm

Masturbation is as addictive as sex. Well maybe not as much as sex but still very addictive. The orgasms, mmmmm. Sorry you’re so busy. I miss hearing you in my world too. Hope you’re enjoying your sex. I too worry I sound like a broken record.

Chris, i am sorry i have not commented over there. i do have all your posts stacked up to read. i saw your bloody knee, you poor thing. i hope you are all healed up. i will get over there as soon as i can. it just has been hectic and the only thing i have a minute for are the short posts. *wink*

Comment by Chris 08.27.07 @ 8:16 pm

Congrats on year two, my evil muse.


thank you S. *smile*

Comment by silence 08.27.07 @ 10:07 pm

I tagged you, darling. I know you’re crazy busy, but I thought it might be a good distraction?


Comment by Eve 08.29.07 @ 7:12 am

is there such a thing as too much porn? congratulations on two years of blogging…xoxo

Comment by darkpixie 08.29.07 @ 9:37 pm

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