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Friday October 13th 2006, 5:20 pm
Filed under: Masochist,Masturbation

this week has been long with busy schedules and a woman’s curse. however, it did not help my sex drive as i have been masturbating the last three days. for one day this week i thought i was actually becoming normal in my sexual needs. however, that is wrong as my cunt aches with this constant throbbing pulse to be fucked, stuffed, stretched and beaten.

all day i keep thinking about how fucking great it would feel to have my biggest dildo shoved up inside of me. i keep picturing it in the bag hanging from the door in my bathroom. starring at it laying at the top of the bag. then my mind wanders to going to the store and buying a new toy just to keep me awake for the drive home this evening as i think about the fun things to be had with two large cocks.

i need to be fucked so bad that i have been wet all day. at this very moment i don’t care if the cock is real or not. i just need my cunt filled. i need to drape my legs wide open and play with my wetness…see how long i can hold out before i pull out that cock and press the head against the wet, hot opening of my needy cunt. feel the coolness and feel it grow warm against my heat. then without much more hesitation, shove it inside of me and hear the sloshing of a cock and my cunt.

in and out.

in and out.

as the moans build in my throat like a damn waiting to explode. the gasping for air, the squeaking of my moans trying to escape. grabbing my nipples like pull toys seeing if i tug hard enough i will come. the irrational thoughts that will course through my brain ensuring that i come and i come hard.

in and out.

in and out.

clenching around the pumping cock as my forearm burns with pain as my cunt demands more and more. tugging those nipples till i wince and snarl. pumping that cock till it hurts the back of my cunt.

in and out.

in and out.

come on! my legs getting wider as my cunt gets wetter. my forearms sears with pain and my teeth are clenched as i give and take to myself. giving the pain i need and the pleasure i hunger for. almost there.

in and out.

in and out.

a flutter, a wave, the groans that escape and my cunt releases its own cum as i pant freshly fucked and wipe the sweat of lust from my face.

goddamn, i need to drench a towel or two.

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Comment by Anonymous 10.13.06 @ 9:17 pm

Mmm I know that need all too well right now

Comment by Pandora 10.13.06 @ 10:19 pm

Delicious Gracie!

I do love ending my evening with wood *wink* even better when the wood is widdled *wink wink*

Comment by woodinhand 10.13.06 @ 10:22 pm

Great! Now that I have this hard pole in my pants from reading this, what the fuck do I do now!

Comment by Storm Rider 10.14.06 @ 7:18 am

very hot and sexy!

Comment by NaughtyNikki 10.14.06 @ 7:32 am

this looks great gracie!
sorry i haven’t been around – little busy with the new bf.

hey you, i thought it was quiet. *wink*
i hope you and the new bf are doing well. perhaps “single” is not longer suitable. hmmmm when i see “SG” i think of suicide girl. hehe.

Comment by single gal 11.22.06 @ 7:21 pm

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