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marking (ii)
Monday July 16th 2007, 2:11 pm
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WARNING: what you are about to read is more graphic then usual. you have been warned. if you have not done so you can read part one here.

steady, the scalpel was poised in my hand. curved cuts are never fun to do in flesh since it has to be done in one consistent stroke. i knew she wanted this as she anxiously watched me. i didn’t have to ask her, i didn’t need her permission to mark her. we have talked about it over and over prior to this moment. she just never knew when it would happen.

“stay still, you know i have to do part of this in one stroke.”

she nodded her head up and down as she attempted to calm herself, trying to prepare mentally for what was about to happen. my eyes bore into hers one last time and then i focused on my task at hand…carving a “G” into my property.

as the tip kissed her skin she breathed in and i started the beginnings of the “G”. i was accurate, quick and ached when i watched the crimson red blood seep from her fresh wound. i let her catch her breath before i made the last stroke.

“alll-most done,” as i made the last cut.

i knew it wasn’t sanitary but i had to lick her, had to clean her wound with my tongue. i bent down catching the droplets of blood that has run away from their doorway. i licked upward tasting her sweet life on my tongue. she bucked against my tongue and hissed when i reached her “G”. when my tongue broke away from her flesh i savored her blood and swallowed her inside of me. immediately i broke open another wipe, cleaned her up and dressed her wound. the last thing i wanted was my doll to get ugly with infection and disease.

my eyes shifted to her cunt as i saw how wet she had become since i started this ritual. i pushed in my middle finger and heard a groan in her throat then pushed in another finger, this time she yelped. i curled my fingers inside of her searching for her spot, that spot that would make her gush around my flesh. she writhed like a slut dying with lust.

“you are so beautiful when you are addicted.”

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Very erotic, this got the pulse racing…

thank you Tom. always nice to know my words can make your body do things to my bidding.

Comment by Tom 07.16.07 @ 2:41 pm

Mmmm wonderful and beautiful and intense. I still maintain there is no deeper trust than in the blood, giving or taking.

i agree with you 100% Chris.

Comment by Chris 07.16.07 @ 3:17 pm

Dear God! I can’t think of anything else to say…just dear God!


thank you Megan.

Comment by Megan 07.16.07 @ 4:00 pm

This is very intense… I know the pleasure of being marked, though for me it’s only ever been sharp fingernails raked down my back. I always beg for it harder, though, and on our most recent session, I begged her to make me bleed… and she did… there’s something primal about it – I think I was more aroused that moment than ever before – I can understand completely why Satine was so wet, so aroused. A gorgeous post, thankyou… x


just this afternoon i was gazing at E’s back and touching the scars i have left on his smooth flesh. it makes me smile to know i have forever marked him with our intensity. is that wrong?

Comment by dirtyboy 07.16.07 @ 5:13 pm

OMG…Confession…As intrigued as I was, I could not get past “curved cuts are never fun to do in flesh since it has to be done in one consistent stroke” And I just had to stop reading. I will have to come back to it later and read a little at a time.

Teacher, i did leave you my response to this on your blog.

i would hate for you to force yourself to read something that is going to cause a negative response for you.

Comment by The Teacher 07.17.07 @ 6:44 am

As intense as some of your writing may be… i am absolutely intrigued and enthralled by you. I have a deeper understanding of the pleasure that comes from these potentially painful acts and I find the beauty within them. Thank you dear Gracie.

thank you Mina.

life is such a learning experience.

Comment by Mina 07.17.07 @ 8:29 am

I do not have a full understanding of it, but I can see that each of you has given something beautiful to the other.

i can see how that is hard to understand since Satine and i have been interacting for such a long time now then all of a sudden i start writing about us.

my life is chaotic recently and it seems to be reflecting on my blog. all though i did do an introduction to Satine somewhere on here.

bear with me.

Comment by Sage 07.17.07 @ 10:05 am

gracie gracie gracie *shaking my head* I don’t understand it either, but if it gives BOTH of you pleasure, then so be it. I’m too big of a chicken shit to get my tattoo done!

well Kitty, we all have our kinks. i for one enjoy the process of a tattoo and all other forms of pain.

pleasure is in many forms.


Comment by kitty 07.17.07 @ 8:58 pm

Gracie- some things you write about scare me…yet, they do something else to me…perhaps stir me…or even turn me on. and, i find myself wanting to read more and more. i want to learn. xoxo

there is an exileration in things that is unknown or we fear. either way you get a rush. it is how you tap into it all.

Comment by darkpixie 07.18.07 @ 10:17 am

Gracie I wouldnt call it kinks. I don’t particulary like that word, if it’s good for you then it will be good for me. BUT I do agree with you on ‘pleasure is in many forms’. This is a form of pleasure that I come back here time and time again to read about… it does interest me, you interest me sweetie.

well i don’t say “kinks” in a bad way. the usual term i say is “we all have our something(s)”. we as humans have so many things that arouse us. sometimes i feel i am over stimulated. today is a great example of that.

i would never want to shove my “likes” down anyone’s throat. i know at times my subject matter can be least desired by some, but it is not my job to strive for 100% acceptance. i would much rather be the lone dark writer then the writer that is writing about the same stuff from day to day. i merely express my desires, lust and needs in my sexual life. i am glad i interest you. i enjoy your insight in life.

please do not take my words above to heart. i would like to portray it as a public service announcement to anyone that objects to my darker writings.

as i always harp…”don’t like it? don’t read it.”

it’s that simple.

Comment by kitty 07.18.07 @ 3:39 pm

Gracie, I have read your introduction of Satine. I do not find your blog chaotic in the least. I am still trying to understand dominance/submission, and even after being involved with several dominants in the last couple of years, I still lack a full understanding of someone’s desires and motivations. I, however, remain fascinated and intrigued and continue to try to learn.

i think for those that want to dom or sub would mean to find the right “half” to the equation.

do not mistaken wanna-be dom’ with real dom’s. some men/women are just hateful pigs and do not know the faintest concept of domination.

the people that i interact with are confident, secure, creative and smart people. i would never want to dom someone insecure.

you have to know what you want before you seek it.

in my case you have to be patient for what you want to own it.

i hope that helps.

Comment by Sage 07.19.07 @ 10:08 am

Thank you, it sure does Gracie. Unfortunately, I encountered one of those hateful pigs in a “domme” last year and I am now very skiddish.

Sage, the important thing about finding someone is respect. without a sub a dom would not be a dom. remember in general sub’s run the show. it is what you WANT. however, there are some circumstances when the dom rules.

if you ever have questions, if you ever want to talk, please feel free to email me.

i will not claim to know it all, but i know from experience.

take care of yourself.

Comment by Sage 07.19.07 @ 4:26 pm

mmm i always wondered if it is wrong for me to want to be marked, to have my partner make me bleed, to have him taste me, it is something so intimate, so carnal…and i want it so bad!in reading this, i have dcided that i cannot hold in my need for this much longer. :]

it is intense.

Comment by Slut4Daddy 08.18.07 @ 10:59 pm

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