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Monday February 23rd 2009, 12:52 pm
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it’s all in overdrive. i feel uncontrollable with my libido. i read little lines and my mind is immediately shot into images of filth, sex, lust. i build the anticipation for so long and can not subside it like i have done in the past. i have to come, no, i need to come.

last night i wanted a voice in my ear, i wanted help “seeing god”. all though it could not be arranged i laid in the dark plunging my vibrator between my legs. i couldn’t find satisfaction in the bulbous vibrator penetrating my cunt. i pulled it out and pressed it on my clit and my eyes rolled and fluttered. i start to climb but then it leaps into an explosion. i writhe, groan and shudder.

it was a temporary relief to a larger need. i know with how i feel today i am going to want “it”. “it” consumes me. that “it” won’t really be scratched till saturday and as far as my perspective is now, it seems like ages away.

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…so..what’s for dessert?

Comment by Johnny Cordova 02.23.09 @ 1:29 pm

chasing that buzz like the junkie you are…you try to pretend that you don’t want it…that it’ll be better if you wait and maybe sometimes you can…but the need never leaves you…ever…you’re a junkie and it’s never enough…i don’t think you’ve ever known true relief…no junkie does

Comment by sigh 02.23.09 @ 2:09 pm

this is why i love you, and why we click so well, and always will.
some things you can never explain…and what drives you consumes you.

there are times when i want to be pulled out to sea.

lost in the moment, the filth that keeps you breathing.


Comment by agentm13 05.09.09 @ 11:01 pm

This reminds me of two things I wrote when I first started my blog. I’ve copied the links here, if you’re interested. You talk here of wanting it. I write in mine about needing it. It’s the same thing.

Comment by ShowMeSecrets 02.21.10 @ 1:46 am

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