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losing thoughts
Thursday November 30th 2006, 9:26 pm
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my forehead slowly pressed against the cold edge of the tub. i let the hot water embrace my thighs and waist as i heard the faint sounds of music playing from my computer. the house was silenced by the cold night and i could distinctly see words that rampaged through my brain. they were words and phrases of passion, titillation and even awful attempts to spark me. i pushed the stimulating ones down under the water where i longed to be to let my arousal peak. to be surrounded by those words as i cried and screamed into the water letting those releases be muffled and combined by the watery barrier that moved me. i left the words that drew my breath above the water since they were suffocating enough.

the abruptness of E’s return home was like a scratch of a record on the player. i pushed my head upward and starred down at the dark outline of my head. i must have been searching for my train of thought. but it was gone in the depths of the reflection of a parallel world in my head. yet, i kept waiting thinking if i glared hard enough they would return to me with the ease of the water wrapping me.

a song was on his lips as he walked into the bathroom, grabbed the soap and my ass lifted as he ran the soap starting at the crack of my ass in one motion to the crack of my lips. i pushed out of the water more as that glide hit my clit. he traced the crevice of my body hypnotically as i sat there in silence hearing the tune fill my mind. it was not familiar and i am sure he would make certain it would become addicting. i even tried to hear the music on the computer to see if i could force the familiar tune into my head but it was at a loss.

the soap left his hand as his fingers trailed the constant line of the middle of my form. i felt him try to push his soapy finger tip into my ass “i wanna make sure you are clean” would be his response if i had hissed at him. but, i didn’t hiss at him as his fingers still trailed my skin and back to my ass again for another push. perhaps it was not giving to his liking so he went down to try the tightness on my body.

“you are tight” he lightly grunts as he tries to push his finger inside of me. i pull more out of the water thinking it could be the angle. “goddamn i cannot even get in there and you are wet” he murmurs. i feel two fingers force there way in and i let out a small moan as makes last attempts to open me to him. he gives up the fight as we both find amusement in this “tightness”.

“maybe using that big dildo makes me tighter when i go a few days afterwards,” i say with laughter. he joins my laughter and i turn over and my hand goes between my legs as he leaves the bathroom. i felt that hint of the arousal that was lost from earlier.

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You have such a wonderful way with words. That first paragraph was so poetic. Beautiful

thank you my dear pan. it always sounds better in my head till i sit down to write it. i keep kicking myself for not constantly carrying paper and a pen with me.

Comment by Pandora 11.30.06 @ 9:51 pm

You’re so hot, even when you’re in a mood … Amazing.
I do think using big dildos leads to tightness — it tones the muscles.

thank you WS.
well i would like to think that. heh. or i would be one loose slut. *wink*

Comment by wordslut 12.01.06 @ 11:26 am

I like how you picked back up, that place where you left to satisfy him but went back to it so easily, to satisfy yourself.

yes, i needed that mental satisifacation. i wanted to bask in it.

Comment by Liras 12.01.06 @ 5:11 pm

The mental image of you in the tub, your man’s hand tracing your wet back as it zeroes on on its target, and you making him struggle to attain it . . . so hot . . . I can almost see the steam escaping from your skin!

mmmm thank you cherrie.

Comment by Cherrie 12.02.06 @ 12:19 pm

You are completely delicious.

Femme. xx

thank you very much Femme.


Comment by Homme and Femme 01.02.07 @ 12:28 pm

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