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long overdue
Thursday October 19th 2006, 10:59 pm
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certainly it is my fault for choosing to not come for several days. at this point it is no laughing matter. yet, i don’t want to cave in now just for a quick fix that is utterly unsatisfactory. as i drove in i felt the rage of my need building and it poured out of my hands as i gripped my steering wheel, clenching my teeth and slightly snarling.

the look on my face today is “i need to fuck” and every man that walks by me must sense it as i feel they know. they know i need to fuck so bad that i will fuck anything and anyone right now. it must be oozing from my pores. i feel naked as i walk in public as if the male species can sniff me out at a single glance. i hide behind my sunglasses and look off in hopes he can not tell. but, they can. they all do.

there is so much build that when i do finally come it has to be grand and worth this fucking wait. my cunt twitches right now at the thought of just coming over and over because i am banking it for the next “sexual suicide”. last night after chatting with V i was so wet and yes i touched it as i slipped into the hot bath water.

today NC taunts me with words and i am so on edge everything sounds delicious to me. so, we conspire and we will see what comes of it.

don’t pity me, it is my twisted sexuality that puts me in these “states”. this waiting, this torture, this torment results in a beautiful, intense, well worth the wait orgasm. it is that silver lining to my treacherous path.


i have been feeling on this edge of coming for the past couple of days. i only wish that i could just come on pure will alone. i teeter on this sensation, that feeling of just a little more would push you into this orgasmic abyss.

just a little more…

a little more.

i keep squirming in my chair, shaking my legs hoping that some kind of movement will give me a pleasure that will hold me over. i am this enraged, ravenous being that will stop at nothing tonight to get what i crave…what i need.

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