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little red
Thursday April 26th 2007, 3:15 pm
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i cannot help but think of him as the big bad wolf. he is not a “bad boy”, there is something alluring to him. there is this aura about him that draws me like a magnet to him. when i see those big eyes, those snarling teeth and big hands, well, it is arousing. i would be a willing prey to his wishes and go without a fight or would he want a fight? does he like the challenge of succumbing his dinner? i would adorn myself in the red but red is far from innocent it is the color that a predator can sniff out miles away. the red is the glimpse to strike those eyes, dark red to ensure i mean business. i am so fixated on him, my wolf and i wonder if my body would crumble into a million orgasmic pieces if he were to lay those hands on me.

in my fantasy…i would.

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I love the analogy. No wonder I wear red all the time. It all makes sense now…:)

hehe indeed! watch out he could be around the corner.

Comment by Chris 04.26.07 @ 4:18 pm

Those wolf attacks can often be quite bloody and messy.

Comment by Tom 04.27.07 @ 10:19 am

sniff, sniff, the red smells good on you G. primal and erotic.

maybe better with a bit of blood staining the red, but still nice.

Comment by silence up2nogood 05.01.07 @ 7:31 pm

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