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lick the cum…
Wednesday August 09th 2006, 7:33 pm
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i will warn my male readers now, this may not be something you will enjoy. then again, perhaps some of you would. it all depends on your…hmmm let’s say openness.

this has come up before with several different males that i converse with and even with E. i may have mentioned it in a previous blog but one night while he was fucking me he told me that he would cum inside of me and then lick my cunt clean. the thought just makes me so aroused and wet. what makes me even more aroused if E were to cum inside of me and i would go to another male (preferably my male sub) and have him lick my messy, used cunt.

yesterday i was going back and forth via email with my dear N. he had mentioned that if he were to fuck me and cum inside of me that he would lick me clean. that thought just made me reeling the rest of the afternoon. i owe my dear N though. he wanted me to whisper his name as i came last night (that did not happen due to physical exhaustion). i told him i would do so:

“only if

you say/grunt/moan/yell my name when you cum tonight

and only if

you taste that cum”

my dear N responded with:

“mmm… yes… yes… grace, you speak my language — we’d be explosive together… your name will be expressed.. as i excrete streams of hot semen… and then lick my fingers clean and think of what my cum would taste like inside of you… mixed with your fresh, hot juices…”

needless to say it is utterly hot to me.

a response from one of my boys J:
I just read your last entry and thought it was hot. Since you tend to like to raise the bar of extremes, here’s an even better scenario: We take a trip down to Tijuana, you volunteer for the “donkey show,” and I lick out that cum. The original suggestion by “N” was nice, but licking another guys’ cum is somewhat gay. Now a farm animal, that just kinky. I don’t know, food for thought. I’m still trying to give you something worth reading about, but the reality of my situation is a premature onset of carpel tunnel syndrome in the wrist. Well babe, take care, J.

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you’re not the only one that thinks that’s hot!

Comment by single gal 08.09.06 @ 8:28 pm

hot pic lady!!! mmmm i wish i can find a man who is so open!!! my search continues…

Comment by Sexy Miss Lynn 08.09.06 @ 9:08 pm

Hot pic and hot story! HHNT

Comment by Semi-Celibate Man 08.09.06 @ 9:52 pm

Jeremy loves doing this to me and longs to lick my creamy pussy after someone else has delivered a wonderful gift!

Comment by Jemima 08.10.06 @ 1:32 am

“Let Mikey try it, he’ll eat anything. He likes it!”. Lucky Mikey. Mmmmm.

Comment by expei 08.10.06 @ 4:06 am

I think that is so incredibly hot! Just last night my dear Stephen told me he’d like to do that very same thing with me. Just him saying that he wants to cum inside of me drives me crazy. So then when he adds that he’d like to lick it out……good lord. Gets me off every time I hear it.

Love the pic by the way. You hottie, you!!

Much love!


Comment by Jen 08.10.06 @ 7:13 am

Must admit I quite like the idea.. your article has got me all hot and bothered..

I’ll have a little chat with Thirty tonight.


PS : Just love the photo

Comment by dirty thirties 08.10.06 @ 11:34 am

That sweet cleavage could really use some additional decoration!

As for your story, one of the hottest sexual happenings for me was to do exactly as you have described. I will say that the combined cum was the sweetest and creamiest nectar that I have ever enjoyed from the lips of pussy! I’d do that again in a heartbeat.

Comment by Pyrhonik 08.10.06 @ 12:11 pm

I really enjoy licking and sucking a girl’s pussy after I have filled it with my cum. The smells and tastes of combined juices are just fantastic. It seems that many men don’t want to do it as quite a few women have told me that I was the first man to do it to them!

Comment by hornymaleuk 08.10.06 @ 12:18 pm

single gal – oh good, i was pretty certain i was not the only one. *wink*

sexy miss lynn – thank you! yes, that is some search. however, i noticed these men below do not mind it.hmmmmm.

semi-celibate man – thank you. *smile*

jemima – mmmmm lucky girl!

expei – *laughs* oh you are something!

jen – you lucky girl you. i hope you write about it then. *wink*

dirty – i am sure thiry would not deny that offer. if you do it, i want to hear about it! thank you! *smile*

pyrhonic – OH YOU TEASE! damn. that is hot! *wink*

hornymaleuk – mmmmm you are a gem then!

Comment by Gracie 08.10.06 @ 12:36 pm

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