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Lazy Monday
Tuesday October 03rd 2006, 3:51 pm
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“I love days like this, being naked and lazy,” I say with a huge grin as Clark stands between my legs that are wrapped around him.

“Well we need to get up and get some things done.” He says with some authority as he breaks away from my hold.

“Mm I don’t wanna get up, don’t wanna get dressed,” as I stretch on the bed eying him.

I stand up and bend over the bed shaking my naked ass slowly. He comes up behind me and presses his cock against my cunt.

“I thought you said you did not want me touching your cunt,” he said.

“Mmm but you can stick it in me,” I whisper.

He starts to push inside of me and I groan into the bed. It has been days since I had anything inside of me. It felt so good and much overdue. A scarf loops around my head as he starts to choke me as he quickens his pace fucking me. I grip the sheets as it gets tighter and tighter around my neck making me dizzy as he fucks me. I feel my cunt growing wetter and wetter around him.



I start to sway, I fall to the left as I trail downward off the bed with Clark catching me and guiding me to the ground as I lay there for a moment coming back.

Slowly I move and make my way to the bathroom where Clark had the water running in the tub. We chat about sex and how fucked up we are. I lay on my stomach in the tub and I am certain I said something smart to him. He hovers outside of the tub and pushes my head slowly towards the water while his other hand finds my cunt.

“Spread your legs,” he snarls as my head comes back up for air.

He barely lets me regain my breath as he shoves me further in the water. I push up against his hand as he keeps me under while shoving in three fingers into my cunt. My hands reach upward and he lets me up gasping for air. He pushes me back down again and my head hits the edge of the tub going down. He presses my head against the bottom of the tub as I feel an orgasm shuddering through me underneath the water. I push upward again and he lets me up for a brief moment. Again he pushes my head to the bottom of the tub as my cunt contracts and bucks against his fingers.

Coming under water is intense.

After he let me up and let me finish washing myself my hand darted to my cunt. I could feel the wetness seeping out of my cunt under the water. I would rub it away and a moment later it would come back. Needless to say that aroused me, even with a sore spot on my head today.

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Cumming in water is fucking intense. My best sex may have been being fucked in a swimming pool. He could toss me however he wanted, and the water definitely changes the feel. Great post!

Comment by Chris 10.03.06 @ 7:51 pm

Wow.. you two break the barriers!

Comment by Pandora 10.03.06 @ 9:34 pm

i love the wetness through the water

Comment by exile 10.03.06 @ 9:55 pm

I came watching you in my mind

Comment by woodinhand 10.03.06 @ 10:39 pm

Fucked up, sure … But, so amazingly hot and exciting to read … Sigh, I guess that leaves me fucked up as well … ;-). Keep it going you two …

Comment by Aragorn 10.04.06 @ 4:39 am

Grazzy, first let me tell you that your blog is great. Although I am much more twisted than most, I dont know if you can take that as a complament. I love the way you use the word cunt for your pussy and the way you describe that beast that lies within you. Keep it up Sweety!
For your fucking underwater, it is much like choking while fucking, you are realeasing a lot of adrenaline while your cumming at the same time, so your pussy is going to gush! Loved the story Grazze!

Comment by Storm Rider 10.04.06 @ 5:07 am

chris – thank you, glad you can relate.

pan – mmhmm. thanks my dear.

exile – yesss that was the best part. shows the power of lust.

W – wow! that is hot W. *wink*

aragorn – i think we are all fucked up.

storm rider – thank you, i will take that as a compliment.

Comment by Gracie 10.04.06 @ 7:44 am

I have spent the last two days in San Francisco mostly having sex with couples I have met… knowing I am in the promimity to you has made my cock harder and orgasms fuller!

you rock

Comment by stroker 10.04.06 @ 8:30 am

still reading, still enjoying, always wanting

you rock my world

Comment by a 10.04.06 @ 1:55 pm

I love the new look and the story…keep it up gracie…..

Comment by Edtime Stories 10.04.06 @ 3:06 pm

We enjoy sex in the water, but our techniques aren’t as intense as E’s! Whew!

Your new template is quite attractive! I’m hoping for more exotic tales of sex on the dark side . . .

Comment by Cherrie 10.04.06 @ 9:43 pm

Nothing like water sports.

Comment by eros in wunderland 10.05.06 @ 6:38 am

stroker – that is a very nice thought. i wish you would write about those experiences. *wink*

a – thank you my dear.

ed – thanks, i still need to make some adjustments to the template. there is something about it that is still irking me. *laughing*

cherrie – that is funny…after E and i both read “tales of sex on the dark side”, we both said it outloud. then we started to think it would be a great title for a cheesey porno flick. i bet there is one out there with that title. *laughing*

eros – mmmhmmm indeed.

Comment by Gracie 10.05.06 @ 12:03 pm

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