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late night exchange
Saturday February 03rd 2007, 8:30 pm
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it was late and we were laying in the dark.

“i talked to my friend today,” he said breaking the silence.


“i sent him more pictures of you.”

i let out a small laugh and it was slightly nervous then amused. my mind was wondering immediately what they were talking about.

“you should take more pictures for me.”

“mhmm, when i am feeling better.”

he shifted to his side to face me knowing i was not falling asleep to the casual conversation. my hand had aimlessly traveled between my legs. his hand reached over to fondle my bare breasts. his hand traced across to my shoulder, followed down my arm and ended over my hand that was rubbing myself through the thin panties. his hand pressed against mine and felt me rubbing myself. once he knew i was intrigued he continued with this story moving his hand back up towards my chest.

“we talked about him coming over here and playing with you. he wants to molest you.”

my fingers pressed against the folds feeling my clit hardening. my breathing was slowly becoming slightly ragged. my hips were moving slightly to my own advances. hearing the word molest is so wrong and can be taboo but the filthier the better for me.

“he was requesting pictures from you.”

his fingers were tugging at my nipple. i pushed my fingers underneath my panties. i started to lightly trace my moist slit and lazily moving to my clit. my other hand would tug my left nipple feeling it harden when his hand would move to my other nipple.

“he liked the ones with you on the table. it looked like you were waiting to get used.”

he lightly slapped my tit and a slightly jerked as i continued rubbing in a slow rhythm. i did not want get to hot and heavy this late at night. i was trying to keep this quiet calm.

“he likes your tits.”

i barely let out an audible moan. he grabbed my breast, lightly shook it and squeezed it. the thought of two sets of hands molesting me was alluring to me. E always mentioning someone fingering me while he choked me. that thought alone sends me over the edge. i know one day that will happen, it is just finding the right guy to fit this combination.

i laid there listening to him with my eyes closed. his voice humming in my ear with filthy words of a lazy desire. my fingers slowly and gently rubbing my clit soaking in his words into my blank slate of a mind. letting images draw up and form with color and feeling. i fell asleep listening to him chanting and my fingers on my clit.

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mmmm so sexy. you’re like good ice cream on a hot day. sweet, relaxing and soothing.

TF that is so cute. so you gonna lick me then?


Comment by The Fury 02.04.07 @ 12:43 am

I wish I could put together words the way you do. You stick to my skin like honey…

awww my sweet sweet B. thank you.

mmmmm i would love to stick to you like honey. a honey that bites.

Comment by Bad Bad Girl 02.04.07 @ 11:05 am

So sultry, I love those mid-consciousness,horny states of desire and relaxation. Well-described, expert craftswomanship as usual…

thank you tom. it’s too bad we couldn’t connect this afternoon. maybe next time.

Comment by Tom 02.04.07 @ 1:11 pm

I meant to comment on your last post; we were sick at the same time and I was immediately enamored of you. Then I read this entry and I must say that I relate to you in a way that I relate to very few other people. It’s comforting to find that in a stranger.

there is always a sense of comfort when you realize you are not the only one that “thinks” or “feels” the way that you do. in the end we all want to belong to some degree. i always choose to be in my own little dark hole with only a one or two with me. more then that and it just gets back into a society type setting.

Comment by Aine 02.04.07 @ 9:02 pm

you are a very delicious writer G. and always look forward to the next.

such a smokey sexualness to each image

thank you W. i like that…”smokey” i will have to remember that one. *wink*

Comment by woodinhand 02.05.07 @ 5:44 pm

mmmmm now thats a thought!

thank you sweetness! i miss you! we need to connect again!

Comment by Pandora 02.05.07 @ 9:00 pm

That is an awesome exchange. What better way to discuss sexual decisions and options. Fucking hot! I’m in a similar waiting situation for finding someone to watch me and my fuck buddy have sex. I would have to feel extremely comfortable, so I think it will be a long wait, but I also think it will be worth it.

I hope you are starting to feel better.

i am very open with E, even if it means i sound stupid with him. he knows i can spur a thought or just be plain silly.

god chris i would LOVE to watch you two.

mmmmm what a HOT thought.

Comment by Chris 02.05.07 @ 9:15 pm

if … he likes your tits ….. would definitely beloving it !!!
thats for sure. its great you both can exchange such heated words & thoughts with no bar. and to have someone watch you two ….. ohhh that I leave to alls’ imagination !

i like to be completely open with him. it makes the talking that much better.

Comment by kindabiz 02.07.07 @ 12:00 am

Exposure. A simple thing, but with huge rewards.

Are you ready?

Comment by Liras 02.07.07 @ 1:49 pm

Exposure. A simple thing, but with huge rewards. Or ramifications.

Are you ready?

As the song says: Que tengo que hacer para tener. En mi labios esos tus labiecitos bonitos…

i am always ready.

no guilt, no remorse, no regret.

dangerous talking to me in spanish little girl…

Comment by Liras 02.07.07 @ 1:59 pm

i would love some pictures of the dark, sexy and sweet gracie. that’s an incredibly hot tale…

i want more.



P, you are so sweet. i’ll give them to you.

just give me your flesh in return.

Comment by theprovocateur 02.07.07 @ 5:58 pm

I will use French instead. Est-il ce meilleur, mon bonbon? And it is little angel, not little girl. *giggle*

little angel your spanish, your french…your language gives me goose bumps on my flesh.

your word make me tingle between my legs while clenching my teeth with an affectionate snarl.

Comment by Liras 02.19.07 @ 8:58 am

Voi gradiscono un certo italiano ancor più? Actually, my Spanish is weak. It is only auditory. My French and Italian are verbal/auditory/visual.

I am of course, fluent in all things angelic. *wink*

indeed you are.

i have a weakness if you speak it.

Comment by Liras 02.21.07 @ 3:38 pm

god… there’s an urgency, an intensity to this… the casualness of his words, the lust with which you respond… the way my mind instantly pictures your photographs (ahh god if only), so that I’m there with you in bed as he lays next to you, watching you… and I’m there in your mind, hearing your thoughts, your desires, and I’m watching you being photographed (god…), all at once… it’s a heady mix, and has left me erect and needing more… so delightfully arousing, Gracie x

oh DB you are truly a dangerous one.

your words are intoxicating.

Comment by dirtyboy 06.27.07 @ 3:05 pm

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