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late night deviant
Saturday July 15th 2006, 12:36 am
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right now…at this very moment. i am a horny, antsy, zombie, deviant. if that makes any sense to anyone. E’s friend C is in town. i am rather excited about another male in the dwelling for a weekend. E knows that i find C rather…tempting. when E arrived home to tell me the news, i was thrilled. C is great eye candy.

it is just fun to hang out with the guys considering i tend to play better with men versus women. i am still trying to find a woman like myself. the reason you wonder? i want to fuck myself. yes, i want to fuck myself. to find another woman deliciously deviant and sexually dark like myself will be a dream come true. i am sure E would just love it also.

still looking for her…

earlier this evening i was sitting at the edge of the tub zoning out while washing myself. my finger circled and rubbed on my clit and then i focused on the act. my skin bumped up tingling with longing and my eyes started to flutter. my lips parted as i was tentative to my swelling clit and that feeling of pleasure. i did not allow an orgasm. i was not up to it. i want to come so bad, yet i am sexually starving myself. a reason? not really one. however, i am starting to pent up in a need. i do enjoy that almost virginal feeling after going without for several days.

i always suggest my term “sexual suicide” to those that interact with me. it is not what you think. it is just starving that sexual need till it is unbearable and you want to reap havoc upon the world. don’t know that feeling? my my i suggest you do it till you are filled with surly rage. come find me if you have questions. i will be glad to elaborate.

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Gracie, we hope you find your carbon-copy (or should we say dark-copy) one day .. that would be a story to tell.

As for the sexual starvation .. we know what you mean.. it can fun at times to build up those tensions like they were when we were teenagers.

Comment by dirty thirties 07.15.06 @ 3:36 am

I just adore that whole release after being starved! Sometimes when J is away I’ll force myself to do nothing at all. The result is yes like being a virgin all over again but with experience on your side.

Comment by Jemima 07.15.06 @ 6:46 am

mmm, glad i am not alone in this. i am glad to have found people that understand what swarms in my mind. *smile*

Comment by Gracie 07.15.06 @ 8:50 am

Ooooh, I bet its VERY fun to please you after that starvation! Lucky E !!!!

Comment by LustDemon 07.15.06 @ 11:25 pm

I so much agree with you.

The hunger one builds up till it is ready to consume or be consumed with thunderous rage.

To thrash or be thrased totally.
Du feel rage with pleasure when u cum ??

Comment by kindabiz 07.16.06 @ 12:48 am

lustdemon – mmmmmm yes. *evil grin*

kindabiz – i have felt anger, laughter and saddness when i cum. it depends on what deep emotion is lingering in my mind at the time. when i cum that emotion is maginified greatly.

Comment by Gracie 07.16.06 @ 9:45 am

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