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Thursday February 09th 2006, 12:25 pm
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wound tight in a web of thoughts and words
you have infected my mind
i have lost control of my composure

you have all of me
i can only stand by and be vulnerable
only you do this to me

your disease spreads throughout my body
there is no ridding you
i let you poison me

patiently i wait for you to give me another taste
you have effortlessly turned me into a junkie
an addict for you and the words you sprinkle my way

your body overpowers mine
you mount me and it is too late to regret
you mold me to your liking

knowing what awaits me
knowing i will be crushed
knowing i want this

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such open need mmmmmm

Comment by expei 02.12.06 @ 11:05 am

Grace, this describes exactly how I’m feeling right now. He’s so far away from me. I thank you for this beautiful statement.

Comment by lawdy 01.02.15 @ 1:52 pm

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