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Thursday November 13th 2008, 10:35 pm
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i know understand the true addiction of a drug addict, it’s not because i tried drugs and became addicted. it was the addiction to an orgasm.

i was once told by E that a heroin high was like having an orgasm times hundred. i had always daydreamed how one of my orgasms could be hundred times greater and in thinking about it, no wonder a heroin addict never wanted to come down.

i feel like a junkie sometimes. laying there panting and relishing the moment, licking my lips and quivering. that feeling is out of body, slowly you come back into yourself and that few seconds of ecstasy is over. that’s when you ache for another one and you want it as good as the last one. when i try too hard it doesn’t happen. i have to learn patience to let my body prepare for another round of intensity, especially when i am masturbating. when i am with someone else i am “on” and the orgasms flow like a faucet, sometimes there is no beginning and end, they meld together like running ink.

tonight i laid in the dark, watched one candle burn it’s dance against the walls. i had been watching porn and let the need build up in my panties. i shoved my favorite vibrator down and nestled it against my wet clit. i closed my eyes and thought. i thought about the last time i was fucked and how i milked his cum, as he fucked me from behind. the vivid thoughts of a hand wrapping around my throat, cutting off the air flow and causing the pressure to swell between my legs. my body tensed up and my left hand gripped the headboard and my throat interrupted the silence of the room. the heat and wet between my legs was intense, finger tips traced my lips and moved the wetness up the vibrator. it only lasts for a few seconds and the aftershock subside. the buzzing of the vibrator comes back into focus and i turn it down due to the sensitivity of my clit. as each orgasm would hit sometimes i yelped, sometimes grunted and sometimes i cried out.

laying there reveling in my post orgasmic euphoria made me realize my addiction. i am an addict and it’s not because i am emotionally empty seeking some kind of minuscule sense of fulfillment. i am not covering up some painful memory or existence, i can honestly say i am happy. i am addicted to that high and feeling of intensity. i feel a rainbow of emotions everyday but coming is the highest form of happiness and what is wrong with wanting to feel that?

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I know that feeling. I was on meds and my desire wained and my orgasms were hard to make happen, and last month, I took myself off it, and my body craved it more and more. Luckily the doc said, I should try staying off it and lets see how I feel. Just had #3….it is nice to have it back. Now where are you again 🙂

Comment by Mike-Wag 11.13.08 @ 11:22 pm

Interesting…looking forward to having a better understanding…

Comment by Elizabeth Roberts 11.13.08 @ 11:43 pm

been sitting here rereading this post and trying to figure out how/what to comment 🙂
IMHO, the description of a heroin high being 100x better than an orgasm used to fit, to my then untrained, not knowing any better teenage self… It’s not like I ever really HAD orgasms then anyway, and if I did, they were solo and pretty pathetic.
But OMFG have my orgasms changed (tku, Master), and it’s been a LONG time since heroin… I’d have to say that the mind blowing, knees shaking, full body, can’t take it anymore orgasms that Master gives me are on the same level (if not higher) than a heroin high. Plus, the descent back to reality is a LOT easier.
Totally understand the addiction aspect of it, though 🙂

Comment by lalana 11.14.08 @ 6:06 am

Never thought of orgasms as addiction. I remember my very first orgasm and I didn’t understand what happened or how I was “all wet and sticky” afterwards, but I remember my body stiffening up like crazy as if I was being electrocuted. Never had another as strong as this…until I taught my wife how to not let me come while giving me a blowjob…she held off at least 5 times before letting me come and it was so INTENSE!

Comment by Nolens Volens 11.14.08 @ 7:42 am

How I love your words, they flow so seamlessly. Its as if you were writing the words in my head… My thoughts, feelings..

Comment by Angel 11.14.08 @ 8:16 am

Absolutely nothing wrong with that!

Comment by viemoira 11.15.08 @ 9:38 am

Everything is right. Perfectly aligned, sweetly placed.

So cum.

Again and again and again…

Comment by Liras 11.15.08 @ 8:32 pm

thank you all for your comments.

i am trying to get back into the swing of things again.

Comment by Gracie 11.16.08 @ 10:30 pm

Mmm, you’re back.
I can think of nothing better on a dark winter’s evening that Gracie’s heat to warm me up..

Comment by dirtythirties 11.17.08 @ 11:36 am

Seems you have finally found a true lover in your new toy… could put us men out of business. sounds great. a world where women use toys (preferably strapons) on each other, and us men have to die out. Chicks rock!!!!!

Comment by TheDude 11.21.08 @ 1:20 am

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