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Wednesday March 14th 2007, 3:38 pm
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i was checking on my stats this morning when i noticed a boost in traffic. curious i glanced down to see hundreds of hits from i followed the link and was shocked again to see that AAG had written the review. it put a smile on my face this morning to get reviewed after all these months.

since the review is short, i will go ahead and post it here:
“i like to suffer for my lust,” writes the author of Gracie’s Playground. Gracie has been writing for 18 months about her sexual relationship with her husband, her love of sex toys, and her passions for breath-play and pain. This is not a sweet blog filled with pretty little declarations of love. She seems to feel love from her husband most potently when he’s forcing her to ride him way past the point of comfort into harsh, unexplored, lustful territory. I was fascinated to read of her experimentation with breath-play, especially breath-play while immersed in water. You’ll want to go back to this site; blog-roll or book-mark it. I certainly will. – alwaysarousedgirl

the link is here:

i had already sent an email to AAG for her review. but, why not thank her again. so thank you AAG for your efforts and writing skill.

NOTE: i am trying to write, the problem is, what i am writing is not coming out the way it should. i am not in the right frame of mind as i keep having this undying and absolute need to come over and over. i cannot explain why i have gone from nympho to worse. so, as i masturbate relentlessly and squirm for E to use me, i am trying to write something. it is possible in THIS case..patience may or may not pay off. you will have to decide that when you read the next post.

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Congrats and well-deserved! I know I keep cuming back… oh my, I mean… well, perhaps I should just leave it that way given the state you are in. 🙂

you naughty boy. you know i kept starring at that word…”cum”. i need that so bad right about now.


Comment by ArtfulDodger 03.14.07 @ 6:44 pm

congrats on the great review! That AGG, she sure can write, can’t she?

thank you.

yes, AAG writes very well. i know i can probably learn a thing or two.


Comment by dirty filthy princess 03.14.07 @ 8:02 pm

Awwww I’m blushing. Don’t thank me. You were fun to read.

Hundreds of hits, eh? That’s awesome.


yes, well over 600 hits today. yes, this little blog gets hundreds of hits a day, maybe over 900 on a good day. but my writing has been so sporadic. i don’t care about the traffic. i am just curious when my traffic spikes. i guess Jane’s Guide gets plenty of lurkers.


Comment by alwaysarousedgirl 03.14.07 @ 8:24 pm

Excellent and fitting review. Isn’t it grand to be desired for what comes out of your mind, as well as for your body?

thank you my dear liras. you always make me think about things in a different light.


Comment by liras 03.14.07 @ 10:56 pm

darling …… congratulations !!!!

thank you K!

Comment by kindabiz 03.15.07 @ 1:12 am

Congrats on the great review!

Now I have to go searching for the posts that she is referring to!

thank you. it is nice to see new faces.

i think there are plenty of posts to choose from. pick your poison…

Comment by Jack Daniel's Rose 03.15.07 @ 3:22 am

It’s always great to get a good review ^_^

yes, i do agree with you on that note.

Comment by Shay 03.15.07 @ 8:33 am

Congrats. A very accurate review. Take as many orgasms as you can get. Someone should be having them. Why not you? I’m sure the words to capture them will return.

thank you my dear chris. i hope you get #2 soon enough. i cannot wait about the kind of sex you two will have when he returns.

Comment by Chris 03.15.07 @ 7:26 pm

yes, congrats. It’s always ice to see the really good one’s pointed out to the masses. Like finding a diamond in among the trash.

As for the sporadic postings, don’t worry, we all get blocks. It will cum. And the writing will pick up too…Get E to dip the ends of the cat of nine tails in some fake blood, give you a few artful turns of the wrist, sit down and admire the handiwork in a mirror, I bet that will get you writing…nothing like a beautiful naked body crisscrossed in red to get the juices flowing.


such a tease…

you know me very well.

Comment by silenceup2nogood 03.16.07 @ 8:25 pm

Indeed, Congrats on the Outstanding review! A well deserved praise for those raw images and accounts of your edgy mind blowing writing that makes us ALL go from nympho to worse in as long as it takes to feel your words, touch your experiences-especially when we share similar sentiments.

Very well deserved.

thank you so much. nympho to worse has been something i have not had for a little while. when i mean a little while i am sure i speak of weeks. *evil grin*

Comment by DL's toy 03.17.07 @ 8:55 am

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