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it has been…
Monday August 06th 2007, 9:53 pm
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it has been days since i came…no weeks now.

it has been weeks since i had a cock  in me.

i am not bitter, nor surly or even furious over the matter.

but at this very moment…right now i want an older man. someone that has confidence and take me in a way that will make me and leave me speechless.

i lay here naked, lay here waiting and lay here stirring inside.

i miss so many things and only right now i want to spread my legs to be claimed again.

all it took was a butterfly’s wings.

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gracie yearning can be a painful emotion. I have you wrapped in my arms hugging you close to me, while you search for what you need.

thank you Kitty. you are such a sweetheart.


Comment by kitty 08.07.07 @ 5:41 am

Funny, you want an older man and I want a younger one. I guess this is what happens. The phases of our lives that we cycle through. I hope you can find an older man to be with. And, I hope he is all you want him to be. Age is not a guarantee of confidence.


oh i realize age is never a “sure” thing. but, with my experience it is a better odd then with the guys my age or younger. it is not just the confidence it is the frame of mind, the experience, the wisdom and the fact that they are not all about their cocks. it is quite a patient chore to find the right formula.

Comment by Eve 08.07.07 @ 7:04 am

“someone that has confidence and take me in a way that will make me and leave me speechless” I love this statement. I love experiencing this. I hope you will soon.. no matter what age or gender. But I have to agree… my experience with younger men has left me needing more. Now.. well now… I am quite happy.

thank you Mina. i am so very happy that you are happy.

it is about time.


Comment by Mina 08.07.07 @ 12:52 pm

There are so few people who actaully have the confidence to actually take someone in such a manner. Too oft they only want to give you what *they* feel you can handle or what they *think* you want. It’s really quite a shame. Good luck, and please, let me know if you find one!

thank you Sexpot.

it is arousing to me that a man can do that with a willing subject.

Comment by the Sexpot 08.07.07 @ 2:47 pm

Weeks? My poor dear! You do need a good, hard fucking.

I DO! this is insane.

i am just now starting to go insane from lack of orgasms.


Comment by Chris 08.07.07 @ 5:28 pm

wanna play?
(…confidence, in the rain,
and Sunshine, in the bed!)


[maybe, a bit forward…but, what the hell!]


well B it depends on what we are going to play…

Comment by b. 08.08.07 @ 5:17 am

I can help….a lot…

yes, you could NC.

Comment by NC 08.08.07 @ 8:05 am

tisk tisk. And here I thought you had reigned in your imagination as of late… apparently not.

miss you,
xxx c a l i s a m 6 9 xxx

NOW why would i reign my imagination? there is nothing wrong with thinking. i refuse to be some mindless “thing” Sam. anyways, you miss me and that means you miss my filthy mind.

so…tisk tisk on you naughty boy.


Comment by Guess Who 08.08.07 @ 1:43 pm

oh gracie…i feel your pain…i am experiencing something very similar…the craving…the yearning….i am so on edge because of it all…to be claimed in such a way…i hope that happens for you soon! xoxo

yes, i do hope you get what you seek as well.


Comment by darkpixie 08.08.07 @ 4:02 pm

wow…(looking around ) I’m smiling… I AM an “older guy”….

OH are you??

well then…

Comment by ATLLG 08.08.07 @ 5:36 pm

~~I shall follow your lead.

The game of loving is your choice.

Enjoy. Live. Love. No matter the game.


Comment by b/adam 08.08.07 @ 7:55 pm

Filth permeates my mind and body after this.

Comment by Tom 08.09.07 @ 5:55 am

poor thing – you need a little care and attention – perhaps with my tongue, initally… oh, and my fingers…

oh my!

reading that really pushed me to the edge…teetering i just may fall again.

Comment by dirtyboy 08.10.07 @ 4:35 pm

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