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intensely thinking of you
Sunday April 16th 2006, 9:52 pm
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i was in deep thought the other night, i was laying on the bed in just a pair of black panties on my stomach. i was grinding into the bed thinking about you.

thinking of you laying beside me with you hand gliding down my back and up my round ass. seducing me so easily with just a touch and hearing your breathe. my eyes stayed closed to feel the tips of your fingers. to feel your breath on my bare skin. your hand traveling to my thighs and you grab my left thigh and pull it apart.

i am willing and able to be taken by you. you know that and i did not have to say a word.

feeling you get up above me as if i were your prey. you hovering and gawking at me. i have not a clue what your next move is. you straddle me and yank my panties down effortlessly. i feel your hardness press up against me as you lean in near my ear. i can feel your breath sputtering near my ear as you feel the heat between my legs. you bite my shoulder and i just quiver. mounting me the way you do, taking control the way you know how and having me because you can.

i am mush in your hands and i know you could crush me.

without warning, without a sense, you thrust in me, stabbing your cock inside me. my head throws back with the unsuspected action and a moan jumps from me mouth. you take me like a lion and hammer into me putting your point across…”you are mine…you are mine…yes bitch… you are mine”. oh yes, i am yours.

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