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induced panic
Tuesday August 29th 2006, 7:49 pm
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a small scratch on my face and slight bruising on my neck i gawk at myself in the mirror. i am not horrified, more…impressed. perhaps that is the wrong choice of words, but it IS a reminder of what we did last night.

i almost enjoy pissing him off just to get a rough reaction that i crave. i hid an email from another man on purpose from his view. he did not mention it till we were both in bed.

“who was that email to?”

i grin a little nervously. i did not say anything.

before i realize it, i have a hand around my throat and i am flat on my back. i gasp a little at the sudden action. i can feel my cunt getting wet. he shoves in two fingers inside my cunt without warning. my back arches and i groan.

“you are such a whore,” as he tightens his grip around my throat.

he pushes me upward to wrap a scarf around my neck. he wraps it around and pulls the end tight. i gasp feeling the material pinch my skin. the pressure in my head increases and i can feel my jugular pulsing heavily. i grow dizzy. my eyes start to flutter. i am starring in his face. he is intent with concentration.

he lets go and i fall limp. my head falls to the side as i feel so drained of everything. he leaves the room and i lay there almost lifeless. i feel like sleeping. i can feel my cunt pulsing.

i can see him delicately holding a piece of plastic wrap between his hands. he places is over my face. my eyes get big as i start to breath heavy. my breath is fogging up the plastic as he shoves his cock inside me. i contract and squeeze his cock as i struggle to breathe behind the plastic barrier. i can hear myself gasping for air as the plastic shoves inside my nose and mouth. it is a breath jail i am in. he is paying attention to my face as he fucks me. i am not sure if he is going to set me free from this obstacle. i keep gasping my arms flailing about. my primal instincts kick in and i rip the plastic from my face with my nail scratching below my eye. i gasp for air as if i had just come back from the dead.

he pulls out of me, adjusts the plastic and places it back over my face. i am barely recuperated. i already start to feel a panic as i gasp for air and he jams his fingers inside my cunt. i feel myself leaking all over his fingers down to my asshole. i feel one finger enter my ass, then two…then three. if i could yelp i would have. my mind was focused on air. the need for air as i contracted against his fingers cumming in a panic. i rip the plastic off once again desperately reaching for air.

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fucking tasty bitch

Comment by Man With A One Track Mind 08.30.06 @ 12:22 am

Holy cow … That was intense !! Sex and panic mixed so well … amazing. Very well written !

Comment by Aragorn 08.30.06 @ 4:10 am

thank you both. i do appreciate it.

Comment by Gracie 08.30.06 @ 9:57 pm

I reached for breath every time you did then. Excellent

Comment by Steel & Sapphire 08.31.06 @ 2:12 am

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