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in the closet
Friday November 03rd 2006, 9:01 pm
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through the small crack left in the closet door you can see my legs bent and spread wide as i thrust my hips upward. the moaning and groaning cause your cock to strain. you watched as i lubed my plug with my cunt and slipped it in my tight ass. you gasped as i plunged my dildo in my hungry cunt. you ached when i started tugging and pinching my nipples.

“fucking bitch,” you think. “she would rather fucking have phone sex right in front of me then just use me. she left this crack on purpose, knowing i would watch.”

you watch as the large dildo makes its grand entrance into my soaked cunt. your cock is oozing as you watch it slosh its way in and out of my glistening and now stretched cunt.

my eyes lock to your one eye and i unmistakeably wink at you as you turn away. i knew better to just leave you in the closet. i knew you would sneak out like you always do. oh no, this time you were locked in place so that you could not even grab that slutty cock of yours.

i bite my lower lip and close my eyes as i can hear the voice on the other end making me so fucking wet or is it that one little eye peering from the closet that has me reeling? i keep coming with intensity as the towel beneath me grows a larger wet spot. your breathing increases as you watch my body spasm and jerk with each orgasm. if only you could grab your cock, it hurts with a throbbing need to be jacked off.

the panting and whimpering causes you to groan in your throat. the air is hot and thick with my cunt smell. you wanted to be the one causing that to me. my hand stopped pumping the dildo in my cunt. the dildo slowly slips its way out of my used cunt as my chest heaves up and down.


i closed my phone and laid there catching my breath. my hand travels between my legs to feel my delicious wetness. my middle finger dips into my raw cunt and pulls out nice and wet. i bring my finger to my mouth and stare straight at you as i suck it clean. i can hear a whimper from the closet. i give you a wicked smile and get up from the bed. i grab the towel and throw it towards the closet as i walk out of the room and turn off the lights.

sitting in the darkness you get down as far as you can to the floor to catch a whiff of my cunt. your nose presses through the crack and take a deep sniff to smell me. mmmmm if you closed your eyes it almost felt like my cunt was right beneath you just waiting for your tongue. your cock twitches again.

“goddamn her,” you mumble as you readjust your position in the cramped closet.

you lean back against the wall and try to close your eyes. the air still smells like sex and your cock is aching in pain now. your balls are squeezed tight ready to burst with your seed.

“fucking cunt,” you murmur as you try to sleep.

you feel a small tongue licking on your balls up the shaft of your cock. the tongue is not soft and as you slowly wake and your eyes focus you see its a cat. you jerk your body and try to shoo him out of the closet.

“piece of shit,” you hiss. the closet door was forced open wider by the curious cat. your cock is still throbbing hard and you cannot tell what time it is. you squint your eyes out of the closet and see that no one is in the bed. there is a faint dusk light outside the window. your head aches as you rest it back against the wall as your body is cramped and in pain. you make another shift to try to relieve the searing pain in your back.

“fuck grace, you fucking whore,” you growl. you yawn and fall back into a fucked up sleep.

“MMMMMMM FUCK!!” i scream.

you bolt awake to see complete blackness. your eyes work fast to focus and the opened closet door was now completely closed.

“shit!” you hiss. you didn’t care if i heard you or not, but judging from the chaos taking place on the other side of the door you doubted anyone heard.

“GODDAMN FUCK ME!” i scream.

you can hear grunting, sloshing, slapping and smacking. your cock throbs and twitches unbearably hard again. the smell of sex seeps into the closet. you can smell his cock and my cunt. your lip starts to curl as your frustration builds in that small closet.

“UHhhh UHHHH SHIT!” i whimper.

you hear that fatal grunt and you know my body is spasming as his cum drains into my hungry cunt.

the door pushes open and you wince at the bright light. the man fidgets with you restraints and tugs you by the leash to the bed. your body is hunched and rigid as you try to crawl your way towards the bed.

“awwww look at my closet pet,” i whisper. “be a good boy and clean my cunt baby.” as part my legs wide. your eyes focus on the thick cum oozing from my cunt. without hesitation you lean forward and take small licks at my dirty slit. you choke down his cum with a snarl. you hear him pissing in the bathroom as i push into your probiing tongue. “just do what i asked baby, no funny business, i am tired,” i coo. just when the cum was all cleaned up you took that sneaky probe in my cunt to taste me. i knew and i kicked you off the bed.

“you fucker,” i hiss. “i told you to clean me, not tongue fuck me! get back in your closet you piece of shit!”

you bow your head in shame and crawl on all fours back in the closet and shut the door.

“what happened?” you hear the male voice question as he walked back in the room.

“that piece of shit tried to lick me after cleaning me,” i boast loudly so that you could hear without question.

“want me to do anything baby?” he whispers.

i laugh, “no, i got just the punishment for him tomorrow. i need to sleep now.”

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yessss…goddamn you, baby…wanna cum so bad

Comment by Anonymous 11.03.06 @ 10:30 pm

damn. . .

such twisted images. delicious

Comment by woodinhand 11.04.06 @ 8:32 pm

Mmmm Gracie… You make me want to be your dirty slave.

Comment by Pandora 11.04.06 @ 8:57 pm

To be locked away and testily used. Not many minds could withstand such pressure.


Comment by princess 12.01.06 @ 5:24 pm

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