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Wednesday October 17th 2007, 9:21 pm
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today when i was walking around getting some air, a man crossed paths with me and as he was going to his car, he walked behind me he let out a very audible sighing moan right next to me. i heard it and immediately got aroused and had this primal urge to fuck. from the corner of my eye he was tall and handsome. i kept walking, i could hear him behind me walking, i wondered if he was staring and i wondered if he would fuck me.

i hear a car start and as i rounded the corner of the block i could see him out the corner of my eye. my keys dangled from my hand and i wanted him to make the turn to drive past me. he did. i looked through the open window at him and only caught his arm resting on the edge. he drove slowly up the street in his black truck and i turned towards the building as he turned down the street.

in just hearing his moan i could tell he had a very arousing voice. my eyes closed a little as i envisioned hearing him in my ear as he fucked me. thinking about this mystery man has put me in a sexual state of deep thought. honestly, i can’t stop thinking about him.

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Black truck you say? Well I’ve been known to moan from time to time πŸ™‚

Comment by Clintus McGintus 10.17.07 @ 10:45 pm

Sometimes that’s all it takes, right? The slightest moan, the quickest glance, the smallest accidental touch.

Maybe your paths will cross again.


Comment by six 10.18.07 @ 2:24 am

Very erotic, my dear. Loved this one!

Comment by Tom 10.18.07 @ 5:37 am

I’ve had similar experiences on the subway. Not moaning, per se, but seeing someone, catching his eye, and then thinking the rest of the day about fucking him.

Both fun and frustrating.


Comment by Eve 10.18.07 @ 6:04 am

I did something like this the other day – but I was the one moaning – getting out of my car at the parking garage – sort of moaning and stretching to greet the new day. A woman was walking past me and that moan caught her attention and she kept glancing – I wondered why – perhaps it was for the same reason. πŸ˜‰

Comment by Sage 10.18.07 @ 10:13 am

surprising the kind of reaction such an everyday thing can cause. i was at the movies a few weeks ago, and a cell from directly behind me rang. I of course became immediately annoyed by the loud ringing, and was considering being a bitch and turning around to say something, when i heard His voice. He said “sorry baby” to his companion and answered the phone. his low rumble of a voice stopped me from turning around. instead i sat back and listened to his call. from what i could tell, he was some sort of tech support and “on call”. The confidence I heard in his voice while he instructed the called on how to fix whatever, was commanding . . . mesmerizing. it left me with thoughts of him commanding me and all the positions he could command me into.
Your site is “sensually more” than i remember Gracie. I’ve enjoyed playing catch up today.

Comment by cyris vali 10.18.07 @ 11:36 am

don’t you love those beautifully delicious anonymous mystery men… *sigh*

Comment by shibari 10.18.07 @ 12:43 pm

It’s delicious to get so much from so little. Possibilities.

Comment by Chris 10.18.07 @ 6:34 pm

It’s been awhile since I’ve visited. Been stuck in SD for a month. I’m digging the pictures (the lips and tatt’s are killing me). Another great post!

Comment by Ry 10.18.07 @ 11:02 pm

mmmm – i can image being that man. as i like to do the same when i see an attactive woman. will she catch my hint? will she be offended and snear, or like you pause for a moment to show her apprication? and if noticed, then my exclamation point to her is a wink *wink*

Comment by woodinhand 10.21.07 @ 9:48 pm

Are you still thinking about him? I can’t imagine how you couldn’t be. Fascinating and erotic!

Comment by Nessa 10.24.07 @ 11:19 pm

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