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in heat
Wednesday February 07th 2007, 6:47 pm
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i chatted with him again.

i watched him perform for me again.

he caused me to come again and again.

i sat there panting and trying to regain my composure. this composure that i am a human woman and not this slut, this nympho, this insatiable being. i am not sure who i needed to compose myself for, i was at home. perhaps it was putting myself back together before E witnessed me in such a state in his absence.

as i sat there i hear the fumbling of him opening the locked front door. i got up in the dark room, grabbed my jeans and pulled them on. i went for the bathroom to draw my nightly bath. i slipped in the tub and turned on to my stomach. i rested my head on the edge of the tub and let my thoughts do their roaming as i marinate with words i have read, images i have seen and sounds i have heard.

my eyes were closed and i waited. i waited for the creak of the office chair and the footsteps of E to shuffle into the bathroom where i was displayed for him to clean. i raised my ass out of the water as he neared my pondering domain. i let him wash away my sins, that wetness that lingered between my legs from another man. he didn’t know and he washed me clean cunt to ass. he made sure and perhaps this was instinctive, he pushed his fingers inside of me to reclaim his property. my ass raised even further out of the water as i wanted every inch of him inside of me. i breathed as he pushed them in and out, wiggling them inside of me and forcing another finger in. i bit down hard on my washcloth as he continued his molestation of my used cunt. i gripped, clamped and pushed against his fingers and my body shuddered repeatedly as my body pulled out of the water to accept whatever he had to offer to me like an animal in heat offering her cunt to the male.

this silent motion with my random moans went on for longer then usual and felt more amazing then usual. i came several times on his fingers and when he finally did remove himself from me i laid there again regaining myself. i turned over on to my back and slid my hand down between my legs. i felt under the hot water my wetness still trapped inside of my cunt. that wetness that never seemed to go away.

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Damn Gracie. Damn. How am I supposed to breathe when you say things like this?

B, maybe i don’t want you to breathe. maybe i want you to be me even if it’s just for a few breathless seconds.

Comment by Bad Bad Girl 02.07.07 @ 7:04 pm

Damn is right. The nightly bath is hot. I would love to be cleaned and molested each night before bed. And I envy the amount of stimuli and orgasms you had going on that night…

C, that was a very good night….so good.

i would molest you…easily.


Comment by Chris 02.07.07 @ 7:40 pm

oh now this was absolutely delicious!

thank you my sweet sweet pan.

Comment by Pandora 02.07.07 @ 9:44 pm

That was a great read, first thing in the morning.

why thank you. i must have missed this comment. my apologies!

you can spank me. *wink*

Comment by The Teacher 02.08.07 @ 7:35 am

Gracie, shit!

always an arousing read. nothing better then an afternoon of walking around with wood.

W, i do enjoy those that sport their “wood” in public. so keep it coming. (yeah all puns intended there.)

Comment by woodinhand 02.08.07 @ 9:11 am

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, I want a bath.

come here rae, i’ll give you a bath…

Comment by RaesSecret 02.08.07 @ 5:55 pm

with u there is definiely never an end to your wetness and the heat u raise amongst all of us.

and i m sure sharing yr bath wud never be a cooling experience but an ultimate heated one !!!!

yes the temperatures are always raised. always.

Comment by kindabiz 02.08.07 @ 8:52 pm

The whole post is, as always, delectable. I loved this line the most, though. i sat there panting and trying to regain my composure. this composure that i am a human woman and not this slut, this nympho, this insatiable being. I love the raw, animalistic element of it, just divine…

T, yes that was my favorite line in there. i know how you enjoy that “raw” and “animalistic” touch to that. i hope you had a good weekend.

Comment by Tom 02.09.07 @ 5:00 am

Fantastically sexy and silently deviant. Very great read Gracie.

thank you NC. i haven’t seen you in a while. perhaps we need to catch up.

how’s that cock love?

Comment by NC 02.09.07 @ 1:02 pm

That was pretty hot!

thank you.

Comment by Dreamer 07.21.07 @ 9:29 am

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