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If I?
Wednesday August 17th 2011, 9:11 pm
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In the midst of our four-week separation we started sexting and having phone sex. I didn’t think this was really possible with someone you are fucking but this was all proven wrong.

Please enjoy our depravity.

Me: I can’t wait to see you so I can so inappropriately touch you.

He: Is it really inappropriate if I approve and consent?

Me: Hmm. Can you act like you don’t approve and consent?

He: If there’s a way to be inappropriate, I have confidence you’ll find it.

Me: Like me groping you in the theater?

He: That would qualify, yes.

Me: I very much get off on giving a guy a near boner in public. I’m horrible that way.

He: I’ll have to remember that next time we go to the movies.

Me: If I had a dick would you suck it?

He: You know I would.

Me: God you just gave me a lady boner.

He: To quote Liz Phair, “I’d suck you till your dick is blue.” And I’d swallow.

Me: Goddamn. I almost gushed my pants. I like you all raunchy and shit.

He: If you had a dick, I’d make you come so fucking hard… …you would think God himself was swallowing you.

Me: Would you let me fuck you too? I’ll be nice, at first.

He: I might let you fuck me, if you can get it hard again. But keep it away from my mouth, or I might just latch on again…

Me: I’d get hard again if I could come in your ass.

He: This is me, wiggling my ass in the air for you…

Me: This is me stroking my cock and rubbing in the flesh of your ass…

He: Heh… Let no one say we aren’t both pretty twisted.

Me: Mmmm. Yes. I like it. A lot. Especially coming from you because I get actually have sex with you. But it’ll be ME fucking YOUR ass…

He: I know… I like that.

Me: I’m bringing the Njoy Fun Wand for you. I don’t like it but I think it’s perfect to use on you while I’m sucking your cock.

He: Ooohhhh… Can’t wait to try it out.

Me: Yes. Yes. I’ve always wanted to penetrate your ass. I want to shove the wand in my wet cunt and then use it on you. It will be the closest I get to fuck you.

He: I think I know what I’ll be wanking to tonight.

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You two are either perfect for one another or will ruin each other for others. Either way; lucky us, because we get to hear about how that happens 😉

Comment by Ryan St. Germain 08.17.11 @ 9:16 pm

Ryan, interesting. We get along very well. I don’t see us ruining each other and we encourage each other to see other people. However, it does make it hard for me to find lovers.

Comment by Dark Gracie ® 08.17.11 @ 9:20 pm

By ruining I meant spoiling one another in such a way that no one else will do.

Comment by Ryan St. Germain 08.17.11 @ 10:50 pm

Ryan, Ahh… That’s what happens when I work too much. I over think everything I read. There is plenty of room for deviant acts. You would be surprised by how much I have yet to actually experience.

Comment by Dark Gracie ® 08.17.11 @ 10:53 pm

I have so had this conversation! Love it.

Comment by Lady Grinning Soul 08.21.11 @ 1:37 pm

LGS, It’s one of my favorite conversations.

Comment by Dark Gracie ® 08.22.11 @ 9:37 am


Comment by X 08.31.11 @ 2:34 am

X, oh yeah.

Comment by Dark Gracie ® 08.31.11 @ 9:55 am

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