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i wonder
Friday January 20th 2006, 9:16 pm
Filed under: Grace

my eyes shot open an hour before i normally wake up. i tried to go back to sleep, yet my mind flooded with lustful thoughts of him. i started to toss and turn, then ended up laying on my back with the covers thrown off.

closing my eyes i thought about laying next to him. i wondered if he would be close touching me or on the other side of the bed lost in his dreams. or if he was awake, would he lightly touch my bare flesh with his fingertips? i only had on a pair of black, satin panties. i started to touch my thighs, moved upward and stopped to grope at my breasts. i had to stop myself before i ended up masturbating at the wee hours of the morning. i would not mind waking up like this every morning. it put a smile upon my face.

i want him to touch me, kiss me, suck me, lick me, grab me, bite me, fuck me…there is nothing i would not let him do. he can have me.

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