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i want you
Sunday January 29th 2006, 10:35 pm
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i was laying in a pair of black, lace undies on the bed. i put my weary head upon my pillow on turned partially on my side but exposing both of my breasts. my right arm rested on my hip.

i imagined you laying behind me. you come in closer, as i feel your breath on the back of my neck. then i feel your fingers glide across my exposed flesh. you come in right up against me and naturally my ass is pulled to your crotch with small wiggles. i can feel you hardening as you reach around to fondle a breast. i keep wedging myself against you, i want you. i expose my neck even more to you as you kiss, tongue, then gently bite. a breath escapes from my cracked lips. my body shudders and my skin reacts with goose bumps.

my eyes stay closed as you gently grope at my body. my breathing grows slightly heavier and faster. i can feel your hard cock pulsing on my ass. your hand slips my panties down and i can feel the heat fall against my bare flesh.i reach back and grab it. i can not help but wanting to stroke it and touch it. my fingers spread down to graze against your soft sack. i start to rub your cock against my ass.

i break away slightly from you pushing my ass up against you and slip you inside my wet pussy. moving slowly and seductively, i fuck you. your hands grab my hips as i take you all the way inside. clenching and contracting against your cock. a little faster…a little faster. i jerk my body harder against you. moans leap from my mouth as i enjoy your cock. i bite my lip as i concentrate on working your cock with my cunt. i can feel your hot pants against my back. i wonder if you are staring at my ass jerking up against your body like a stripper. i feel you tense up as i tighten around you and you release inside of me. the feeling of your hot cum filling me causes me to cum and slam myself back up against you.

i want you now.

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reading your work puts a smile on my face.

this is bittersweet & jenny; sorry about all the different names. “sweet jenny” is here to stay…

bittersweet…sweet, it doesn’t matter i would bite you just the same. thank you for reading.


Comment by SweetJenny 03.22.07 @ 12:21 pm

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