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i touch myself
Saturday August 26th 2006, 1:22 pm
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I lay back in the empty bed in the darkness. My legs spread open eagerly. I have on a pink thong. Yes, I am trying to look somewhat innocent as my fingers push aside the fabric. I trace the lips, the outline of the hole to my pussy, up around my clit. I am already wet as you are in my mind. Your words draw images inside my hungry mind. I start to rub my clit slowly, wishing you were beside me watching and assisting. I tilt my head as if to hear you whisper more words to feed my mind. I start to breath shallow anything can happen in the dark.

My finger travels down to the opening to my lust. I am starting to soak my panties. I dip my middle finger inside me and I immediately clench around my finger tightly. Milking my finger as if it were your cock. My back arches slightly as a second finger forces inside and my jaw drops. I can feel juices running out of me and down to my asshole. I start to fuck your cock and grind. My chest heaves with aching want. My other hand grabs my nipple and pinching. I want you and it is literally hurting the inside of my cunt. I start to come and I feel a searing aching pain inside of me, begging to be used, stuffed and stretched by you. I need to fuck so badly. My finger rubs my clit intently, I come a second time and I start to pant on the verge of just sobbing. I get through the panting and only one tear escapes my eye and I immediately pass out.

I wake up early and mostly due to the soaked panties that are between my legs. I strip them down and feel how drenched they still are. I shower and lay back down naked. I start to think of you again. Our last correspondence, the images you fabricate for me and your name burns. I cannot stop, my need is insatiable and I will go mad if I let it just fester inside. Laying on my stomach, my hand goes between my legs and I squeeze my thighs tightly, grinding and coming so quickly. A long moan escapes my throat, followed by shorter satisfied ones. I pleasantly fall back asleep.

Now writing this makes my mind reel again for you. I feel this need to come again. This is just getting worse.

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Hot stuff gracie. now you have me playing too.

Comment by expei 08.26.06 @ 6:55 pm

thanks for such a hot story..I came too

Comment by stroker 08.26.06 @ 8:13 pm

Wow. Brilliant. This is maddening, just wonderful.

Comment by J. Won't 08.26.06 @ 11:46 pm

Gracie, this is you at your best…
Reading your beautiful text, I felt I was there next to you, seeing and smelling your hunger.


Comment by dirty thirties 08.27.06 @ 10:50 am

What a nice post to masturbate to. Thanks!

Comment by fred 08.27.06 @ 8:35 pm

expei & stroker – mmmm good

J – my J, you are so wonderful.

dirty – oh thank you D. naughty boy.

fred – mmmm thank you.

Comment by Gracie 08.27.06 @ 10:33 pm

WOW! Extremely erotic Gracie! It gave me a boner and at my age that is definitely a GOOD thing! I don’t need any Viagra this morning! Cheers!

Comment by Horny Old Guy 08.29.06 @ 6:33 am

I like it when a gal,
“starts without me”.

Naughty, naughty! ^5


Comment by MikeCindynJoe 08.30.06 @ 2:11 am

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