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Thursday June 16th 2011, 7:49 pm
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This may be a review on some sex toys but I assure you it’s going to be a smut filled review about some sex toys. So don’t just skip this post because you think it’s about me giving you specs on some vibrator that you can easily look up on your own online.

I have admired JIMMYJANE sex toys for quite some time. Of course the price is always a factor. Do I want to spend that kind of money on a vibrator? My answer right now, yes. Yes, I have the cheap $15 vibrators but after long and frequent use it can leave my lady bits rather numb. The reason why one would invest in the higher end sex toys is for the benefits of not feeling numb after long uses and the ability to use them more frequently.

I was shipped both the Form 2 and the Form 4 from JIMMYJANE. The toys are beautiful and a lot of people ask, “How do you use a Form 2?” The Form 2 is like two vibrating fingers that you nestle around your clit and I will tell you right now… GODDAMM. This toy is absolutely, hands down the best vibrator I have used on my clit. I scream every time I use this toy and the man can attest to this statement.

For a decadent orgasm I will suggest the use of the Form 2 on the clit with the Form 4 inside against the g-spot. This will result in utter orgasmic chaos. I would go further to recommend a lover to handle this for you to free up both hands. It is a little tricky handling both with both hands.

I have tried the Form 4 against my clit but found I was already tainted by the power and intensity of the Form 2 against my clit and now prefer this vibrator solely for clit usage. The Form 4 is great for penetration and against the g-spot and doesn’t feel like you are jabbing yourself with some uncomfortable object. It feels quite nice inside.

The moment of proof with the Form 2 came on a Saturday night. We had just finished watching porn and I had slowly sucked his cock till he came violently in my mouth. I swallowed his seed and fell back against the futon we pulled out in the living room. His hands roamed and pulled up my tank top exposing my breasts to him. I love when his mouth meets my nipple. I never know if I will be greeted with pain or pleasure but it always turns me on.

I had a bag of toys under my pillow and my hand pushed in the bag grabbing my Njoy plug.

“Put this in me,” I requested with a small grin.

He took the plug and dipped it in my cunt and slowly started to push it into my ass. I gasped, yelped and groaned as he worked it inside me. Once it was in I was already squirming and wanting so much more. My hand pushed under the pillow frantically searching for theForm 2. I pulled it out and handed it to him with a grin.

“How does this work?” He said investigating the foreign device.

“This turns it on, this turns it off and this changes the modes,” as I pointed to the small buttons at the bottom of the vibrator.

He turned it on and pushed it against my clit. I think he might have expected an instant orgasmic explosion but it’s always different when someone else is using a toy. It always has to hit the right spot with the right amount of pressure.

I lay there feeling the vibrations that reminded me of his fingers against my clit. I felt a sense of climbing. I was getting close and I started to wrap myself around him holding on for dear life.

“Right there,” I whispered into this shoulder.

My hands gripped his arms and back. I started to feel like I was falling. All of a sudden it hit me like a truck. There was a split second of soaking it all in and then I let out a long and hard scream through the very long orgasm. I writhed and twisted about for what felt like a lifetime. I clung to him even tighter as my body shook violently for several minutes. The overwhelming feeling washed over me and caused tears to flood my eyes. I had felt all the pain, frustration and stress left my body through my sobs.

“You ok?” He whispered.

“Yes,” I sniffled.

“We have to use that again.” He chimed.

“Yes,” I said with a smile.

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Now that’s a review! Use it again and again 😉

Comment by X 06.16.11 @ 9:57 pm

X, thank you dear and thank you for catching the link errors. That one was a pain in the ass. Something did not like me copying and pasting into wordpress. Grrr. Thanks again. 🙂

Comment by Dark Gracie ® 06.16.11 @ 10:34 pm

Welcome. Pain in the ass? It sounds as if someone deserves a spanking

Comment by X 06.17.11 @ 6:53 pm

damn !!

Comment by Katie 06.28.11 @ 9:25 pm

Thank you Katie. 🙂

Comment by Dark Gracie ® 06.30.11 @ 9:00 pm

This is a great post! I have been following your site for a short time with Google Reader. I own a variety of sites of my own and have now been asked to sit in on a webinar to talk about the do’s and dont’s of blog structure. I will discuss aspects such as url structure, internal linking structure, category structure, etc. I’d personally like to use your blog as an example of proven methods to do important things right if you don’t mind. It truly is refreshing to read a site that has been organized competently LOL!. Let me know.

Comment by Dee Thibodeau 08.08.11 @ 12:04 pm

One or two to remember, that is.

Comment by Jaylin 08.11.11 @ 6:41 pm

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