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i crave
Friday October 06th 2006, 11:34 pm
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i crave pain

i need that battle

the both of us snarling

being overpowered

succumbing to him

letting my skin sear

send my heart thumping

come on

do it


waiting for E to come home. i am so fucking starving for an interaction with him that my cunt sits here tingling with anticipation. i will get up from this chair, strip and step into a tub of hot water. how long will it take before my hand travels to my cunt?


it is not the same as his touch. no matter how rough i think i can get with myself, it is not even close. his fingers longer, thicker and have the better advantage then my own.

so hungry.

if i fuck my own cunt, well it is not the same as a real cock. no matter how “real textured” any dildo can be, nothing beats the real thing throbbing and hammering into a needy cunt. my toy doesn’t cum…does yours?

come on E.

i want his kiss that steals a piece of my soul. his tongue digging deep inside me as he fucks my mouth sending the sensation straight to my cunt. or when he licks between my fingers that emulates my cunt. goddamn, that is lightening to my clit. he knows it too as i jolt with pleasure and try to pull my hand away from his grip.

he has me.

so i will bathe, put on a pair of panties he so very much adores, lay in bed and wait ever so patiently for him to do what he does best. over a decade together just makes it that much better. these kinds of nights are years in the making. fuck that “new” feeling, get so in tune with each other that a stare makes your cunt quiver and that kiss…mmmm….that kiss makes you melt into him.

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I crave the touch, the smells, the wanting, the need, the satisfaction. I crave it more now!

I have just licked between my fingers and wow! That’s anew one on me 🙂

Comment by Jemima 10.07.06 @ 4:56 am

I know exactly what you mean, Wind and I have been together for over thirteen years and she is so much of all I have ever wanted that I can never get enough of just HER!!!
Every time I fuck that pussy she has a way of making it not just her but anyone she wants it to be!
Talk about talent!

Comment by Storm Rider 10.07.06 @ 5:52 am

Great post! I agree about that “new” feeling. It has nothing on the way you can know you partner and the way he or she can make you hot and wet.

Comment by TC 10.07.06 @ 5:57 am

jem – you learn something new everyday huh? *wink*

storm – yes, that is a talent.

tc – indeed.

Comment by Gracie 10.07.06 @ 7:57 am

wonderful read Gracie… love the way you create the excitement you feel in your words.

Comment by Edtime Stories 10.07.06 @ 4:24 pm

over a decade! not too shabby

Comment by exile 10.08.06 @ 9:08 pm

Reading about your longing has me longing now, too … Gee, thanks! 🙂

Comment by wordslut 10.09.06 @ 11:40 am

Beautiful words from a beautiful woman… Hot stuff for sure! Missed you! 🙂

Comment by LustDemon 10.09.06 @ 1:44 pm

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