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Wednesday April 19th 2006, 7:41 pm
Filed under: Grace

i am longing for that new feeling, like that new car fresh scent. i want a new cock. i am insatiable and i can not help but want more then what i have.

the unknown, the anticipation, the want, the quivering and he does this to me. a mind fuck that has been going on for far too long. people under normal physical circumstances would have fucked long ago. yet, i wait ever so patiently.

i want to explode with sexual frustration. he can do this to me in few words. he can send my heart racing with just words…yes believe it…just words. he makes me throb between my legs and very, very wet.

to get in my panties, you have to fuck my mind. you have to have that affect on me physically with just words. you think it is impossible? then you are not worthy of this cunt.

hunger will turn into addiction, once he has me and i feel him. i am willing to take that risk. because, right now i am starving for him.

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