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hunger no more
Monday July 24th 2006, 12:05 am
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i was laying on my stomach absolutely naked on the bed. catching up on tivo’d shows with my legs slightly spread.

e came into the bedroom which he does randomly if we are not in the same room. he likes to check up on me. except this time he pushed my legs apart and shoved his hard cock in my cunt. naturally i was not expecting him to do all of that. i did not fight it, shit i have been aching for it. he grabbed the remote and shut off the tv and proceeded to fuck the shit out of me. his nails dragged down the center of my back welting up my flesh. the burn and the fucking was delicious. he pushed my head into the bed, gripped my ass and pounded me. he vibrated my whole body with his infliction. panting escalated to moans and ended with grunts. he abruptly pulled, shoved in two fingers immediately hitting my g-spot and milking an orgasm for over a minute. i was shuddering, convulsing and creamed his fingers.

“get on the floor and masturbate” he barked.

i started to move off the bed and he grabbed a handful of my hair and said “on the floor, now, now”.

he threw down a pillow and i positioned myself on my stomach. he straddled me and shoved in a dildo. he violently fucked me silly as i concentrated on coming.

“i want you to take your time, come slowly” he whispered.

“come slow” he whispered as he wrapped a scarf around my neck. my orgasm hit very slowly as the scarf tightened around my throat. it was very gratifying yet it sustained much longer then usual. my cunt tightened around the dildo that stayed inside me. i can tell following E’s instructions pleased him.

he pulled my ass upward towards his cock and he fucked me again. my knees and elbows dug into the carpet as he forced himself back inside my even more tightened cunt. every time he shoved back inside me i tingled with pleasure from the elongated orgasm. i tend to lose all control when he fucks me at this stage. everything so sensitive and heightened. his grip became tighter on my hips and i focused on milking his cock inside me. tighter…tighter…tighter with that he exploded deep within.

and now…i seek more pleasure. amazing fucking is addicting.  

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Gave me quite the boner just reading about it.

G’night now,

Comment by Pyrhonik 07.24.06 @ 12:14 am

now i have a hard on … which i cannot put down !!

i am just torturing myself by not giving into my desires and here u are ravishing yr lust !!!

at least i’ll just have to cool down with yr writings for the moment !

Comment by kindabiz 07.24.06 @ 12:42 am

Sounds perfect.

I’m gagging for a session like that- well any kind really! I’ve been out of action for a few days but hopefully tonight should see a change to that!

Comment by Jemima 07.24.06 @ 1:44 am

Damn it I’m a work. Need some relief. Grrrrrrrrr!!!!!!

Comment by Suck Me 07.24.06 @ 6:58 am

pyrhonik – well i am certainly glad it moved you.

kindabiz – i have no guilt about ravishing my lust. it had been a week. this is not normal for us. but life gets in the way sometimes and that is okay.

jemima – “gagging” hehe. i hope you do get that session. you are such a lovely and delicious couple.

suck me – mmmm for some reason i get off on the fact that you are at work and aroused. i thrive on torture. well…do something about it. *wink*

Comment by Gracie 07.24.06 @ 8:12 am

That sounds soooo fun! I wouldn’t mind being ordered around like that.
I’m so jealous! I can only WRITE about it and WANT it. You get to LIVE it!

I am so very, very jealous.


Comment by Jen 07.24.06 @ 1:43 pm

You’ve officially destroyed my productivity for the next 15 minutes. Damn you.

Rex Loves Roxy

Comment by Rex and Roxy 07.24.06 @ 2:04 pm

jen – i do hope you find a yummy man or women (which ever you do prefer) to take care of those needs. there is nothing better then putting your trust in the person opposite of you.

rex – *grins* good…my work here is done. *wink*

Comment by Gracie 07.24.06 @ 2:33 pm

Ooo you and I both had amazing nights!

Comment by Pandora 07.24.06 @ 8:08 pm

This is my first time here and it won’t be my last. That was a very good story… one I might revisit when I check back for newer posts. HOT!


Comment by MikeCindynJoe 07.25.06 @ 12:49 am

i am for the first time this evening exploring the world of erotic blog. i enjoy the deliciously sinful antics of yours and will continue to read it in the future. in response to your search to find that woman of your own, i can relate. here is something i wrote a while ago when i had the same feeling,-“From somewhere in the distance,
She takes my hand.
Leads me down and through,
rough dark walls,
damp, but searing heat
The need for her runs through my veins,
I open and breathe her in.
Hands so soft,
but far from delicate.
She has no patience and I must obey,
my addiction compels. “

Comment by RichelleLynn 07.25.06 @ 2:03 am

does he have a brother? i have to go change my panties now, that was ultra hot.

Comment by Anonymous 07.25.06 @ 4:08 pm

pandora – yes! *grin*

mike – thank you.

richellelynn – that is beautiful

anonymous – sorry, all siblings are claimed.

Comment by Gracie 07.25.06 @ 10:15 pm

You are so erotic and sexy gracie. I am so aroused and hard when I read your blogs. I just want to lick you from top to bottom. stem to stern. every inch every crevice.

Comment by Anonymous 08.01.06 @ 1:23 pm

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