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Monday February 09th 2009, 10:05 am
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we spent the last part of our evening watching Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life. R likes to expose me to things i have never watched before. so now i get “wafer thin” and my personal favorite line: “Harry, I want you to sell me a condom. In fact, today, I think I’ll have a French Tickler, for I am a Protestant.”

if you haven’t watched the movie there is a scene where a teacher is instruction a rather uninterested group of males about sex. there is even a demonstration that i found rather amusing with the teacher and his wife WHILE still teaching and managing his classroom. in keeping with the Monty Python theme, R decides to say after he slowly pulls away after fucking me from behind, “Right class, any questions?” i start laughing into the mattress and shaking my head at the same time.

i do have a sense of humor, even, right after sex.

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I loved Monty Python and I knew MP would be no more when Graham died unexpectedly. I own a few MP movies, but never got around to owning the complete TV series.

Comment by Nolens Volens 02.09.09 @ 12:03 pm

My wife and I have loved that movie for years. (Yours is an interesting way of watching it; we’ll have to try it.) But our FAVORITE Python flicks are Holy Grail and Life of Brian. Then there’s Fawlty Towers, but that’s another story…

Comment by Jim Thompson 02.09.09 @ 4:59 pm

My fave line from that movie was “Fuck off, I’m full.” I especially like using it with pushy waiters.

And as Jim says…then there’s Fawlty Towers….truly inspired comedy

Comment by sweatshopsissy 02.09.09 @ 7:50 pm

Holy Grail, Life of Brian, and Fawlty Towers. I have to say they’re all better than meaning of Life, I envy you the chance to be exposed to them anew!

Comment by O 02.10.09 @ 9:14 am

I saw this recently with a friend who is a minister. It was doubly funny to comment on it with a man of the cloth.

Comment by Liras 02.11.09 @ 11:33 pm

I think MoL improves with age – not the age of the movie, but of the viewer. So much of the meat of it – and its best humor – comes in its grown-up ruminations and humor. My favorite moment is the restaurant staff talking as they mop up after Mr. Creosote. It’s the quiet heart of the movie and isn’t derailed at all by the comedic ending.

Comment by Lookout Mama 02.12.09 @ 1:46 pm

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