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Friday March 30th 2007, 7:27 am
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he compels me in such a way that he is the one person i cannot approach. i sit and watch him from afar and wonder intently what it is like to be with him behind closed doors. i wonder if the demeanor he exposes to the public holds true when being intimate with him. he is the one person that i fantasize the most about and he will never know this.

this man will never know how many times he makes me quiver, ache and yearn for his touch, his lips, his cock.

as most things that sit in this head of mine it is better to leave those thoughts as thoughts and not ruin them with physical anomalies.

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Mmmmm, such a delicious, delicate admission. Don’t you just love the excitement of riding that wave of inquisitiveness, though? Thinking, what would it be like if I took the plunge and swooped in for the attack, let everything melt into total abandon?

Comment by Tom 03.30.07 @ 10:32 am

The thoughts can be more satisfying. Sometimes reality is disappointing. And with a powerful mind like yours, I’m sure you can feed your fantasy endlessly.

Comment by Chris 03.30.07 @ 6:43 pm

Oooo those are dellightful. You fall so dangerously close to your admissions sometimes, but then pull back just in time. I know the feeling well.

Comment by Mina 03.31.07 @ 8:05 am

mmm crushes.. eh? gotta love them!

yes a crush. i know it will just stay that way as well.

Comment by shibari 07.02.07 @ 6:23 am

there is always something lovely about
contemplating someone from afar;
~~and, only the heart knows it’s wanderings well;
~~and, time sits spellbound,
by this unspoken wish;
this maddening,
unrequited, yet,
blessedly lovely,

thank you B for such lovely words.

Comment by b. 07.02.07 @ 6:38 am

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