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Saturday December 23rd 2006, 2:15 am
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i woke up in the morning and realized that i had enough of playing this “human june cleaver” type these past weeks. i felt the more i was running around playing “normal” the more i was getting enraged inside. one would never guess it with my constant smile and positive thinking, but inside it was eating away at me like a cancer. i needed a release from this.

i pulled the open the closet door and V sat up squinting at the light. i unhooked his leash and yanked him forward. i could feel his eyes boring under my skirt and at my bare ass. i stopped and looked back at him, “stop it you fucking slut.” i pulled him forward hearing him choke on the collar. i grinned slightly as i heard him fighting back making a sound. we make our way into my bedroom.

“sit.” i bark.

he sits on the floor by the bed and i let the leash fall beside him. i walk forward to the bed and rest against the edge letting my skirt hike up my thighs. i stare straight into his eyes daring him to look at my cunt. instead he stares to the side of my face.

“what’s wrong with you pet?” i hiss. i stare even more intently seeing the fear form on to his face. “your cock isn’t even hard, why won’t you stare me in the eyes?”

he shrugs at me forcing his eyes into mine and darts away as i pierce them.

“come here, come sit next to me.” i pat the bed next to me. i can see his hesitation. “come on V, i want to spend…some time with you.” i say as calmly as i can. i try not to display the clenching of my teeth or the rage that is about to explode from me.

i watch him move on to the bed ever so steadily. “mmmm that’s a good pet. now kneel and straighten your back baby.” i place my hand on his head and move it down his back raking my nails down his spine. i fight the urge to just dig in and rip him apart and bleed for me. i watch the pink lines form like a stripe down the center of his back. i can see the muscles tense and flinch at the slight pain.

i stare down at his soft cock. fuck, he can tell. “why aren’t you hard pet? what’s wrong with you today?” i grab hold of his cock and massage it trying to get the blood flowing and get hard. i am getting frustrated and furious. i want to rip him to shreds as i fight the urge to abuse him with my tension. i do my best not to use him as a human punching bag when i have a bad day. perhaps i have to draw the line somewhere but at times, there are no lines. before i can control it i yank his cock out of frustration, he is not getting hard fast enough for me. i hear him cry in his throat trying to contain the noise.

my teeth clench and i fight a snarl in my lip. “did you say something slut?” he shakes his head quietly. my nails start to dig into his cock and i want to pierce the flesh so it burns as he grows hard. i keep the digging at a constant pain. i pull him towards me so my face is inches from his. “what the fuck is wrong with you?” i growl. “have i left you alone too much that you are jaded slut? huh?” i am testing him urging him to cry out so i can have the slightest excuse to unleash on him.

i start to feel his cock harden in my grasp. i smile darkly at him. “such a goddamn pain slut V.” i push three fingers into his mouth and force his mouth open. i let the saliva build in my mouth as i spit it straight into the back of his throat. his alarmed reaction caused him to gag a little as he swallowed it down promptly. i shot another wade and he swallowed immediately. “goddamn V you better not make me have to fucking train you all over again. that would really fucking piss me off right now. i might as well get a more obedient slut.” i fume.

i watch him shrink away. goddamn him, to get my point across i raise my hand and smack him square on the left hand side of his face. i can see the hurt in his face as his eyes glass over. i am so infuriated at this point i don’t feel remorse or human. i feel like me seeping out ten fold.

“yes pet, give me those tears. the one thing from your body you haven’t given to me yet. go ahead slut cry for me.” i roar. my hand rips across his face again darkening the red hand print. i hit harder trying to snap his head from his neck. the tears start to run down his face.

i grab his throat and squeeze as tear drops drip on to my flesh. i feel my skin burning them away. i push him back into the bed and straddle him in one sweeping motion. i lick the path of tears that have stained his face in a carnal manner. my rage has surfaced to my face and i am no longer able to conceal it. my teeth bared, clenched hissing in and out from between my teeth as my lips are curled with concentrated anger. i choke him starring him straight in the eyes. i watch his eyes big, watery and scared just daring him to push me away. his eyes start to flutter and i pull away making a fist hitting him square in the eye. he cries out with pain and surprise and dig my nails into his chest ripping into his flesh. i watch his blood slither out slowly. uncontrollably my cunt gets wet at the bloody sight.

“you’re a goddamn mess V.” i moan. i pull off of him, reach over to the nightstand and grab a cock ring and scalpel. “put this on.” i command as i toss the cock ring at him. i can see the puzzle and shock on his face. so many times we have talked about me killing him and knowing i have never asked him to wear a cock ring i can see the fear in his face. i watch his hands shake as he pushes it on his hard cock.

“good.” i calmly say as i straddle him again. i lean forward putting my mouth to his ear. “it is what we both want in the end…isn’t it baby?” i coo into his ear delicately. i can feel his cock jerk. i sit upward staring at the small blood stains on my shirt. i grimace as i pull the scalpel down the center of my shirt cutting it open. i pull it off and throw it to the ground. his eyes stare at me and i can feel his cock twitching against my ass.

“such a fucking slut baby.” i growl. i take small swipes at his chest with the scalpel. he stops flinching and hissing in pain after the first few. i watch the blood pool from the various random cuts. i push his cock inside of me and sink him deep in me as i run my fingers and palms through the bloody mess. i pull up and down hard with rage and bend forward to rub against the blood smearing into our flesh. i fuck him with a violent desperation. i can hear grunts pulling into his throat and i hiss at him as i slap him again on the face. his eye is starting to swell from the earlier punch and darken into a bruise. my hands wrap around his throat as i feel my orgasm welling inside of me. my rage escapes through my tight grasp as his face darkens and eyes bulge. “this is what we talked about right baby? me killing you while i fuck you. letting you be my dead fucktoy for a few days.” right when i am coming i start to beat into his chest with my fists. my fury fills the room and i watch him pass out. i lay down against his chest heaving with my heart racing as i feel his heart pound into the side of my head.

i pull off his cock and take a shower. i watch his blood run off my skin, mix with a swirl with the water and run down the drain. i get out of the shower and take a wet washcloth with me as i wipe V down. i stare at the bruises on his face and chest. i wipe away the dried blood from the various cuts on his body. his cock still stands hard and straight. my hand goes to my cunt and i rub till i am wet. i drop my robe to the floor and straddle him starring at his beaten and cut up body. i feel more relaxed as i fuck him again and feel every inch of him inside of me. my cunt flutters as i start to come and dig my nails into his stomach. i fall off in exhaustion and lay beside him watching his chest rise and fall steadily.

“thank you baby.”

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Pingback by his « Grace’s Plaything 12.23.06 @ 2:17 am

wow that left me speechless (and hard too lol)

thanks expei. naughty boy.

Comment by expei 12.23.06 @ 2:55 am

Just amazing.

thank you love.

Comment by Pandora 12.23.06 @ 5:41 am

u are awesome

thank you very much brian.

Comment by brianfox 12.23.06 @ 2:21 pm

Very intense. Beautiful rage.

thank you love.

Comment by Chris 12.26.06 @ 10:44 pm

as always, i love it.

Happy New Year!

thank you DT. i wish you a happy new year as well. i look forward to more writings from you.

Comment by Durty Thawtz 01.01.07 @ 10:58 pm

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