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Saturday December 17th 2005, 9:36 pm
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laying in bed getting ready to sleep. i scoot in close to my husband. i reach and find a somewhat of a hard on. i start to gently stroke it. it grows harder. i shift on to my side and start to grind my ass into his crotch. i rub his dick on to my flesh. i want him so bad. i have been horny all week. he fondles my body, grabbing my breasts and tugging on my nipples. i know my pussy grows wet with each touch.

“take of your panties”, he whispers in my ear.

“slowly, take them off slowly”, demanding in my ear.

i ever so slowly inch my red lace panties down. i slowly sway my hips from side to side as they go down my thighs. his hand reaches in to touch my pussy as i am pulling them down. i love it when he reaches down my panties to touch me. there is something naughty about being clothed and fondled. as he rubs my hardening clit i start to lose my momentum of taking my panties off. i pause taking in this pleasure i have been yearning for all week. my panties are down to my knees and i wiggle a leg out and pull them off with my foot.

“spread your legs”, he whispers.

i willingly comply to his request. i will do anything to feel pleasure. i will do anything to feel some pain. i want to feel so bad.

“play with your nipples”, he commands.

i start to pull gently on each nipple. i love to touch my nipples. it feels so good and triggers my horniness.

“pull on you nipples, make them hard. tell me when you have them hard”, he said.

i start to pull up on my nipples. tugging on them as he would. he is working my pussy with his fingers. i am growing wetter and wetter.

please fuck me.

he starts to dig his fingers into my wet cunt. i want him to fuck me so badly. i want to cum so badly. i grind into his fucking fingers. my wetness is leaking out and he rubs his fingers down to my ass. he lubricates my tight ass with my juices. he easily glides a finger in my ass and manages to still finger my pussy.

please fuck me.

i continue to tug my nipples. i will do anything he says. anything…i just want his cock inside me.

“do you like being finger banged?” he grunts at me.

“yes”, i squeal in between moans.

please fuck me.

he continues to violate my soaked pussy with his fingers until i cum on him.

he did not fuck me…so i sit here horny…waiting helplessly for his hard cock.

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