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Wednesday November 18th 2009, 4:22 pm
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as you can see, i’ve changed the blog around. i am not done playing with it, it’s a work in progress.

i’ve been thinking about the new year which is quickly approaching. in the mean time i thought i would try at writing since this is my favorite time of year. to help along with this effort i thought of answering questions in blog form. yes my friends, the sometimes elusive darkgracie will take the best questions you submit and answer them here on the blog.

if you look on the left hand side of this blog you will see a “G” icon and there lies my email address. email your questions and i will create posts around them. however, remember… if you email me lame/stupid/insulting questions, you will get a lame/stupid/insulting answer. i am not going to guarantee i will answer all questions in blog form. if appropriate i may just answer directly via email. my rules are subject to change. if you want props or credit for the question(s) you ask me, please include your blog URL and name.

i have been completely out of touch with the sex blog community as far as reading blog posts, etc. if you have had my blog listed on yours, please let me know so i can update the links.

PS don’t forget @Mina & @Sylvanus’ contest where Mina is the prize.

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we look forward to having you back.. <3

Comment by yonderboy 11.18.09 @ 6:10 pm

@yonderboy, thank you. i am excited now that the blog has a newer look. i get to play with code and that makes me geeky-happy.

Comment by Gracie 11.18.09 @ 6:12 pm

I feel like a long lost lover has returned 🙂 Welcome back…I missed you!

Comment by George 11.18.09 @ 6:46 pm

@George, oh my, thank you.

Comment by Gracie 11.18.09 @ 6:55 pm

not important, but I really like the idea to have an stupid answer to an stupid question.

I like your tumblr/twitter/blog, some spices when working.

Comment by romuald 11.19.09 @ 12:47 am

@romuald, you should send in a question then. *smile*

Comment by Gracie 11.19.09 @ 11:07 am

I’ve missed you, Gracie. I can’t begin to tell you how much your writing has inspired me. I’m trying to come up with some sort of deep and meaningful question for you…

Comment by Mimi 11.19.09 @ 4:05 pm

@Mimi, *smile* thank you so much. i look forward to your question.

Comment by Gracie 11.19.09 @ 4:06 pm

i love the new look, and glad you are back. You always give us kink in a unique fun way. <3's to you Barb n Jack

Comment by puresecrets 11.20.09 @ 10:12 pm

@Barb n Jack thank you so much. i appreciate the input on the new look.

Comment by Gracie 11.20.09 @ 11:27 pm

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