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he who teases
Sunday July 16th 2006, 9:18 pm
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this building of need is becoming more apparent.

we were in the kitchen making lunch and i had walked behind E and went straight for his crotch. i stood there for several seconds feeling his cock. E asked if i was horny…of course he knew the answer.

i walk down the hallway to the bedroom and at that very moment of walking by the guest bathroom C opens the door in a towel. i glance at him through my peripheral vision and walk into the bedroom.

the boys went off to the movies and i decided to rest my body from running around the city. i was out cold and E came in the room after getting back in and ready to leave for practice. he came to the side of the bed and grabbed on my breasts. my body squirmed in need. i told him to kiss my breasts. he pulled my top down and exposed my flesh. he did not hesitate and bent down to ravish. i pulled is hand down between my legs. i squirmed even more as he grabbed at my hip and butt.

he stood up and and flipped me on to my stomach. ripping my sweats and panties down his finger went straight inside my cunt. i was not expecting him to do this and i let out a moan. E whispered for me to be quiet as his friend B was on the other side of the wall watching tv. in return i buried my face into the bed and gripped at the blanket. he teased my cunt for a few more seconds, pulled out and pulled up my sweats with panties. he came around and kissed my lips, pushing his tongue inside my mouth and then moved to my neck. he pulled away saying he did not want to get me too worked up. that man knows me too well.

as he left and kissed me goodbye, he smirked with the remark of he likes making me wait. i smiled back at him. i am going to get him to ask to fuck me tonight.

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U make resisting sex so appealing !

Of course I am going to go your way as soon as i end my tour ! its going to feel great the waiting and resisting !

Comment by kindabiz 07.16.06 @ 11:19 pm

Getting J to tease me and make me wait is just a nightmare! He always goes too far and can’t understand my need to be teased and made to wait!

Comment by Jemima 07.17.06 @ 1:16 am

Oh, the pleasant torture! 😉

Comment by LustDemon 07.17.06 @ 4:55 am

kindabiz – self control. why not do it now? don’t do it when it is easy…do it when it will be a challenge.

jemima – are you a capricorn? i know what you are saying. it takes some discussions and trial and error. i had to do this with E. i think some men may not get it because i do not think they themselves like to be teased for longer then 30 seconds. *wink*

Comment by Gracie 07.17.06 @ 4:34 pm

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