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Friday June 30th 2006, 3:04 pm
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i had come down with a cold. i thought it was a sore throat due to an over excited session of a scarf around the neck with E monday night. however, it was a sickness stewing within my temple. E had me on monday night after a photo session and it was thursday. he was ravenous. all day he kept touching, looking and licking at my body.

while getting ready for a concert, if i even walked by him in panties he would stop me and demand to look at my ass. when i was dressed he would then come up behind me and grab at my waist. he kept mumbling how i needed to give him something tonight, that he has waited too long. in the car he is grabbing at my thighs, in the car wash he is groping at my breasts and at the concert he has me tightly next to him.

we get home and i am doing my nightly routine and before i know it he is on the bed undressed and playing with his hard on. i stare at him somewhat surprised. i did not think he would want me coming out of a sick state. he told me to come over to him and put my mouth down on his cock. i obliged without hesitation. i laid next to him and coyly licked at his hard cock. he would shift to put it all the way in my mouth and i would take it in and then go back to lightly licking at the tip. he would then shift upward again and i started to suck him. long and slow…

he gets between my legs, kisses me and sucks on my breasts. i can feel his cock pressed up against my cunt. i wanted him inside me. i started to push down my panties letting his cock just force itself inside of my cunt. he doesn’t help and i start to become frantic in getting my panties down. he finally helps me and shoves himself inside of me. i wrap my legs around him as he fucks my cunt. he covers my nose and mouth and lets me revel in the airless fuck. i shiver when he lets his hand free.

not much longer he turns me over and fucks me from behind.

E keeps fucking me and i start to become concerned he is going to cum inside of me. i was unprotected and this was not a safe time for him cumming inside of me bare. i almost want to tell him to come on my ass. he keeps fucking and i keep coming. he finally pulls out of me exhausted. he is rather bothered he could not cum inside of me and he wanted it badly. i ease his mind and help him masturbate to a finish. one of these days i am going to get him to cum inside of my mouth. it has been years since he has allowed that.

this morning as i was getting ready for work, i glanced over at E’s nightstand and i see a printed picture of me from monday night propped upwards. i smiled thinking E put it there so he had something to wake up to.

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I think I have read all your archives. I have read them in small doses and cream every time. I usually have to stop after a posting or two and go play with my soaking wet pussy. You are amazing. I am not the sub that you are, but can appreciate where you’re cumming from… 😉

I’ve wanted to experience a mild version of choking, perhaps a collar or scarf. But I am married and my lover and I have to be careful not to leave any visible marks on one another.

I’ll be visiting you regularly!

Comment by Melanie 07.17.06 @ 2:13 pm

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