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he gets me
Wednesday November 15th 2006, 3:54 pm
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as i read his words line after line there is this shock value and arousal mixed into one. i start to squirm and i can feel the wetness building between my legs. my heart starts to race and my breathing grows heavy. my eyes dart around wondering if anyone can tell. i shift repeatedly in my chair and my cunt pulses as i move. just writing about it now is making me twitch in my chair.

i can’t think straight and he writes, “slip your hand down over your cunt. tell me what you feel.” i hesitate as i try to do this casually in the office. at this point i don’t feel rational and my hand sneaks down between my legs.

“tell me”

i let out a small breath and type, “hot”


i know what he wants to hear, he wants to know if he did his job, “i’m wet”

that’s what he wanted to hear from me, “wanna cum?”

just seeing that makes me ache for it. i cannot remember the last time i had an orgasm with intensity (yeah it was the last post, that is sad). i haven’t been in this position with him in a while now, i haven’t been the slut for him as he is for me. he has the upper hand today.

i respond, “yess i do”.

he smirks and knows i am in a position of absolute need. he put me here and i can just imagine the gloating on his face with this hard on pressed tightly in his jeans. i wonder if he is grabbing at it as he gets me breathless.

“sneak into the bathroom, slip your jeans and panties over your hips. push your fingers from your belly button…all the way down to that dripping cunt. brace yourself with one hand on the tile and coat your clit with your juice. cum for me grace, c’mon baby.”

my breath quivers and i start to grow urgent and furious with him. being vulnerable with him seems almost shameful to me, but i push that aside.

“goddamn you,” i type.

“c’mon, betcha’d cum quick, wouldn’t take much.”

i keep resisting and holding on to some form of stature.

“c’mon baby, cum for me.”

“goddamn you, stop saying that.”

“cum for me grace, get your camera, wanna see your fingers on your clit…dripping…hand on the tile, feet spread. pushing. tension. quickness. slippery. cum for me, grace. do it.”

my body starts to shake. i keep hesitating and fighting the urge. i want to, fuck i want to, i am on this verge of jumping up and heading straight to the bathroom to get off.

“do it baby, cum for me grace, say my name when you do.”

“shit,” i type.

“uh huh, you wanna, you need to, cum for me.”

i sit there with my chest heaving, cunt throbbing and my eyes reading his lines over and over. there is this long pause and i finally push my finger towards the “k” button.

“mmmm, i gotta go soon baby, but i’m gonna be there…inside you, whispering to you, cum for me, grace, cum for me.”

with that i get up and head to bathroom without hesitation and a dire need to come. i shut the door quietly and click it locked, i don’t feel nervous as i have done this before. instead it is this urgency to come, this build up on the edge of spilling over. my middle finger glides across my slit and i can feel a good wetness rub over my hardened clit. i rub and rub feeling my arousal starting to peak as i lean against the wall. i feel like a sex addict junkie with my hand down my undone pants, inside my panties, my body shaking, breathing ragged,my eyes flutter and roll as i come long and hard. the last ounce of breath releases, “goddamn you V” and i suck in a breath of air to start to calm down.

i sit there quietly panting and i try to stand on my own two feet and i fall back against the wall. my fingers soaked in pure lust and i bring my middle finger to my mouth. cleaning my finger clean knowing as V reads this i am sure i have caused him a few jerks in his seat.

i pull myself together and check to make sure i leave the bathroom a more content version of myself instead of displaying the slut that is not that deep inside of me. i am buzzing back to my desk with a slight grin on my face. if the others only knew and maybe they do.

he leaves me lines waiting as he knew i gave in to my arousal…

“hope you licked your fingers clean. email me, wanna hear, wanna see. fuuuuuuuck, baby what you do to me.”

i read his words and crack a grin out the corner of my mouth.

thank you baby.

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Mmmmm, I love cumming in the bathroom at work and then going back to my desk with that special smile.

Comment by Kitty 11.22.06 @ 5:02 am

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