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hard and paced
Thursday December 28th 2006, 11:57 pm
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it had been tense between us. the lack of sex and the increase in holiday stress only made it bitter. i didn’t want him and he pushed himself on top of me and kissed me. immediately i was this junkie that needed that desperate hit. i wanted to devour him right there as i clawed at him wanting him to take me with force.

i could feel him push my panties to the side as his fingers traced my lips. he forced two inside of me and my back arched with my groaning. it has been so long that i wanted to savor this sensation of being taken with this primal need. he flipped me over pushed my head into the bed and forced my legs apart. i feel the cool head of my dildo making its way inside of me as i grunted as he thrust it inside of me. in and out with a hard and paced rhythm, i wasn’t getting enough. this state of arousal did not make me yelp at this hard hits to my ass as he molested my cunt. it only added fuel to the fire and made me want more and more. my body was starving, it had been much too long. i pushed against his thrusts with this eagerness of a recharged nympho on crack. he hissed obscenities at me and i let his words go straight to my cunt.

he pulled me to the floor by the hair. “masturbate you bitch.” i grind and push against the floor and watch a scarf go past my face around my neck. he hovered over me as he strangled me till i came. i felt the world get dizzy and my orgasm slowed down. i felt it hitting the peak and my body jerked violently as i came. he let go of my scarf i my head fell to the ground as i panted. i always secretly wish for a mark around my neck when i gather myself. but, we have it figured out in such a way that i hardly get marks around my neck.

something that E told me has stuck in my mind during a long drive. “it is only a matter of time before i stick a needle in your ass and then move on to cut you.”

i responded to him with, “i know.”

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Mmmmm. Progression.

I’m glad you finally got some play.

thank you chris, i needed it.

Comment by Chris 12.29.06 @ 10:48 am

Very nice…. x

thank you BB.

Comment by Banana Boy 12.29.06 @ 10:51 am

So intense.


Comment by Pandora 12.29.06 @ 12:58 pm

wonderfully intense, as always – I tend to lurk, as I’m hopelessly lazy when it comes to comments, but I always find your words deliciously arousing… x

DB, i was not aware you lurked on my site. i remember reading your blog a long time ago in search of some naughty reads. heh, i feel like a celebrity has come to my site. *laughing* thank you for the kind words and not being “lazy”. *wink*

Comment by dirtyboy 12.30.06 @ 9:29 am

That’s way hot, you know, marks around the neck… breathless orgasm… way hot…

yes, i agree with you HT.

Comment by His toy 12.31.06 @ 7:13 am

After this, I’m having a hard time catching my breath….

that’s a good thing then.

Comment by The Fury 12.31.06 @ 11:48 am

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