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Wednesday February 14th 2007, 12:01 am
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i got this email from Py last week. it had the subject of “Valentine Cards you don’t want to get”. i open it up and stared at the various “cards”. i stumble on one that i just loved (yes i am wrong like that). i had to wait since the 8th to post this! so i wanted to wish you all a happy heart day…till death.

on the sex front…E and i were in the tub the other night. he decides to push his fingers inside of me while i was sitting there. i swear i almost prefer his fingers over anything. my head smacked against the wall as he pushed in and out of me. my mouth dropped open as i tried my best to stay still. the water started to shift as my legs shook roughly. i tried to grip the slick tub and ended banging my head against the wall again as my back arched.

his finger slid out and rubbed methodically on my clit. i started to crawl backwards out of the tub, at least i tried. my legs were pushing against him and finally i couldn’t take it anymore and pushed my hand down between my legs to stop him. he starred at me with a grin and got out of the tub.


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Love the “card”! Here’s a VD-themed comic you might like:

(Yes, I’m pretty much as twisted as you are!)


oh D you DO know how to make me smile. ha ha! loved it. now that is what i call a valentine.

thank you.

Comment by Dausa 02.14.07 @ 12:48 am

Mmmm, so lovely. I do love the image of you writhing in ecstatic agony. I love to be the tormented one, so I think I understand whence you’re coming.

Tom i think you will be a joy to torment. i have a knack for you it ya know. *wink*

Comment by Tom 02.14.07 @ 5:36 am

And the pic is to die for.

why thank you. i was so excited about it.

Comment by Tom 02.14.07 @ 5:36 am

i can almost hear your head thudding abck and the way the water slapped up on the sides of the tub as you “tried” to get away. That’s erotic. How delicious this sounds…

thank you HT. i like getting so into something that smacking my head into a wall doesn’t stop me from what i am doing. i always seem to run from it, i can never stay still. i know..shame on me.

Comment by His toy 02.14.07 @ 7:23 am

I love the card! It is great. And another very steamy bath session from you…

thank you chris! it’s better then a hallmark huh? *wink*

i love being in the tub and getting molested. it seems to be one of my most relaxed “states”.

Comment by Chris 02.14.07 @ 5:24 pm

i certainly looovvvveee the card ! ahhh …… the bath tub !!!

why thank you kinda. you like the tub scenes huh? *wink*

i will read your posts tomorrow! (saturday)

Comment by kindabiz 02.14.07 @ 10:49 pm

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