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Friday September 08th 2006, 8:00 am
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i am sitting here with lidded eyes. horny as hell. i had to sit and think (used my blog) to figure out the last time i had a real cock inside of me. according to my blog…thursday night of last week. something is not right, but it is life getting in the way again.

over the past weekend, i purchased a short, red, pleated, plaid skirt. i wanted to cream my panties holding it in my hands. i went further down this road and purchased a tie. i am piecing together my costume for this year’s exotic erotic ball in san francisco. i need to purchases some slutty mary janes and a white button dress shirt and i will be ready for that night. i am so excited. hmmmmm what color panties to wear underneath? do i keep it innocent and wear white? pink? match the bra and wear black? seriously, tell me. hmmmm. hair in pig tails and E mentioned getting me a lolly pop to accent. i love when he is supportive in my naughty efforts.

*long breath out*

so i am going to take my tired self into the bedroom…


spread my legs…

fuck myself awake…

i am sore, always horny and i keep men on my brain. all of my gems glisten in their own light. each one i want to lick and bite. each one i would spread my legs for at any moment if given the opportunity. my lust is large enough for all of them. mmmm my mind cannot stop. addictions only grow as my panties get wetter.

as i always groan how one should never waste a good hard on, the same could be said about a wet cunt. it really is a waste of pussy to let it just be wet with no play, no cock, no fucking, no stuffing. one gem told me the other night that there should be places where you go to get slammed up against a wall a taken to get rid of that “hi, how are you” crap. i do love that thought. a place to just get railed and walk away satisfied. at least then i would be able to think straight at work.

i failed to put in a piece from the other night that had slipped my mind. i am laying on the bed thoroughly sore and happy. E lays above my head and wraps a scarf around my neck. as we stare at each other from this angle, he lowers down to kiss me as he chokes me. that little moment seemed so erotic to me. it was the right touch to that evening.

because i have tortured you enough with my tired rant. i will give you something to look at.

until my lust builds again. i leave you with *bites*.

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Comment by Man With A One Track Mind 09.08.06 @ 8:16 am

Your words are the perfect tease!

Comment by Camilla 09.08.06 @ 9:29 am

Yep, that is your butt.

White panties would look so good because we all know youre not innocent. πŸ˜‰

Comment by Bunny Lebowski 09.08.06 @ 10:41 am

all butts deserve a good licking. mmmm

Comment by expei 09.08.06 @ 1:03 pm

man w/sex on the brain – i added you and said hi, the rest is up to you naughty boy!

camilla – thank you *wink*

bunny – yesss my ASS! such a big ass i have too. mmmm yes, i think i will go with white. mmmm.

expei – hehe yes…i enjoy a tongue to the ass any day. *bite*

Comment by Gracie 09.08.06 @ 5:48 pm

Such lovely ideas. I agree… I hate wasting a wet cunt! White panties indeed! And I would so join you at this establishment for a good hard fuck. πŸ™‚

Comment by Pandora 09.08.06 @ 7:44 pm

White panties. Definitely.

And I like the idea of the slam/bam and leave place. A perfect place to get your fuck on.

Comment by Lola 09.08.06 @ 9:33 pm

pandora – thank you my sweet! i think we lovely sluts need to start a new business.

lola – another vote for white. mmmm should i wear those ruffle kind to put that extra mmmm in trying to look innocent?

Comment by Gracie 09.08.06 @ 9:44 pm

I have no idea how a hot babe like you could avoid sex for a week. You’ll just have to hang up a sign: “Slamming and bamming welcome! Men, line up along this wall.”

Comment by Cherrie 09.08.06 @ 11:27 pm

hmmm – maybe green with the red skirt.
but bunny and lola is right, white would be perfectly innocent looking

Comment by single gal 09.08.06 @ 11:36 pm

The idea of a ruffle butt just gave me butterflies. Now I have a spanking fantasy in my head.

Comment by Lola 09.08.06 @ 11:47 pm

I was going to suggest ruffled. That outfit sounds so cute and horny. You’re going to have such a blast! We were meant to go to the one in London last month but work commitments prevented it. We were so pissed about that. I can’t wait to hear about the fun you’re gonna have.

I hate it when I need a fuck and I’m all ready and wet and there is no dick to be found.

Comment by Jemima 09.09.06 @ 12:53 am

Hello, thank you for your comment on our blog, we are very happy that you took a look at it…

We discovered your blog and find it very exciting… We will visit it frequently…

Don’t hesitate to visit our!

Susan and I would vote for black panties and bra matched with… The power of black… πŸ˜‰ wonderful…

Thank you.

Susan et Mike

Comment by Anonymous 09.09.06 @ 1:30 am

a licking is often the term used for a spanking in certain parts of the world hehe -both meanings do seem appropriate.

Comment by expei 09.09.06 @ 5:04 am

I vote for White knickers and pigtails ..

So *innocent* looking.

Comment by dirty thirties 09.09.06 @ 6:03 am

wat a fine perfectly shaped arse

Comment by hardasabullet 09.09.06 @ 8:56 am

if you MUST wear panties, they should be white in keeping with the outfit. But after looking at your pic, I’m not sure I’m thinking straight, although part of my is VERY straight right now. I won’t waste it either.

Comment by Al Sensu 09.09.06 @ 10:42 am

cherrie – it is not avoiding, it is having to. trust me i would much rather be on a back getting railed then doing “life” stuff. *wink*

single gal – i don’t think i even own a pair of green panties. i am thinking the masses tell me white and i am thinking ruffles too.

lola – yesss why i bought them in the first place. that innocent spanking. mmmmm.

jem – ha ha! poor thing. i hope you can make it next time. i cannot wait to go. it is terrible to long for cock when you know there are quite a few out there that need something to stick theirs in.

susan et mike – thank you for visiting. i appreciate it. i love your blog.

expei – doh! you are right and why did not see that? hmmm i would prefer a “licking” then a “licking”. mmmm give me pain.

dirty – mmmm yes my D. i will go that route.

hardasabullet – why thank you! *blush*

al – goood. i should wear panties…i don’t want to be obvious about being a huge slut. *wink*

Comment by Gracie 09.09.06 @ 10:55 am

go for white, ruffles absolutely!

Comment by single gal 09.09.06 @ 11:20 am

I am a naturally occuring material sufficiently durable to give lasting pleasure. Does that get me an interview to be one of your gems????

My suggestion is a Brazilian wax — no panties at all.

Comment by Don 09.09.06 @ 8:03 pm

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