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guest blog post: silence is golden
Thursday April 08th 2010, 2:17 pm
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the following is a guest blog post from a delectable friend of mine, BBrkdwn. this lovely and naughty creature is new to sex blogging and may be coming to a blog near you. please enjoy and be gentle but not too gentle with her.

I woke one Friday morning without stirring, still nuzzled in his side. The light spying between the blinds and the sill suggested it was still rather early. But the rain was beating down like it had something to prove. I don’t sleep well anymore. Not this year. In and out of light comas if at best. However, I find comfort in sharing a bed, regardless of it’s company or ownership of said sleeping quarters…His was the first in a while.

But there I was rested and content, limbs and linens neatly organized in just the right sense of comfort. Tracing one of my once neatly painted nails across his flesh, watching the small follicles rise to meet my tactile inquisition on his slumbering body. Searching for outlets to stimulate the desired effect, tracing over history on his chest, and then slowly pursuing around his furthest nipple, keeping a watchful eye on any facial twitch. A slow, steady pinch was the catalyst I needed as his hand grazed up my leg, stopping on my hip. Still watching his face, two blue eyes came into focus. Pinching harder to get my intention across, the hand on my hip was now digging delicious anguish into my skin by way of nails running the length of my body, pulling me closer to him. No words exchanged and still locked into eye contact he found my wrist and flipped me, my back facing him. An efficient lover, one hand looped around my head to grab my hair exposing my neck kissing and nipping the skin as the other teased the elastic band of my panties, inching them off slowly. The wetness already beginning to pool, yearning to be touched for longer than comfortable enough admitting, knowing full well the touch of his flesh inside me would set me off like a rocket in record time.

Still not saying a word and being obedient.He teases my clit with curled fingers, I moan and buck to the rhythm he’s building. Sensing my anticipation, in one fluid motion he bites my earlobe and whispers to fuck him. I fumble behind me and help his cock plunge deep, hitting all the right spots, I shudder and grind against him, biting into his arm. the scent of his cologne lifts from his damp skin. A musky, provocative scent that I have come accustomed to being his calling card. Almost to the point of having all my senses at their peak he digs his nails into my hip and rake them out across and down my thigh. The sensation and the pain propels me over the edge, I come hard digging my fingers into the sheets, him still driving into me with conviction. I quake and murmur his name. I demand for him to come for me be a good boy and come for me, hurt me more. Entangling his hands in my hair he pulls my head back. He mumbles he’s going to make it hurt, beg him to make it hurt. A groan escapes him and I’ve had my fill. He slows to a stop. I turn around to find our eye contact, in their dreamy, glazed over state. No words exchanged , just his sly smirk and those brilliant blue eyes.

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How very lovely, the company that you keep Gracie. Thank you for sharing their stories as well; I very much enjoyed reading it.

Comment by Ryan St. Germain 04.08.10 @ 4:12 pm

she is a lovely creature and very creative. it was such a delight reading her post this morning.

Comment by dark gracie ® 04.08.10 @ 4:16 pm

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