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Sunday May 20th 2007, 4:54 pm
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i spent the last two days and nights masturbating like a fiend. i have been on 7 planes in 7 days and i don’t dare want to step on another plane anytime soon. it feels so good to be home and i am still not in my head.

that first kiss with E at the airport was a flurry of explosions in my body. his hands were roaming my flesh, i had to pull away because the airport was so busy and i knew that damned traffic control man would be blowing his whistle at any given moment.

“kiss me again,” he tells me as he pulls me back to him when we drove about 10 feet from my pick up. i go back to him and feel his tongue parting my lips. wet and soft flesh that i have not had in so many days. the sensation went right between my legs.

during the drive he kept his hands on me. he noticed the bra i had on was not my usual padded, wired torture device. he was grabbing at my breasts and i told him to stop or you would see my nipples through the fabric. naturally this just added fuel to the fire. his fingers find a nipple and pinches. i gasp at the feeling as it triggers the nerve endings in my body to light up in rapid fire. feeling his touch instead of my own made all the difference in arousal and feeling.

all i wanted was a shower and a fuck. yet, we decide to eat, visit family and finally come home. the anticipation is making me squirm even now. i am too tired to sleep and too tired to work. i am waiting for that “great fucking” that E is promising as he sleeps.

my mind is ready to write again. i have thoughts from my travels that i wrote down that i will share over the course of a few days.

in the mean time i will say in two days i had 3 phone sex calls with two different men and i never had been so wet. thank you guys for contributions to my “need” and i will be calling upon you again for another round. i have a feeling i am going to be insatiable for a good long while.

i think i will keep my feet on the ground for a while and refocus on my training for my run in the fall.

it is so good to be home.

NOTE: i am going to miss you Arty Pants. i was so saddened to learn when i got back from my trip that he was going to close up shop on his blog. i am going to miss you!

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Is there something in the air? It seems everyone is at a heightened state of horny these days. Yours truly no exception.

mmmmm that is good to hear.

Comment by The Fury 05.20.07 @ 8:40 pm

Welcome home. I hope you get the “great fucking” you crave.

thank you anna. the problem with getting fucked is it just makes you want it more and more. i feel so insatiable and yet my body is screaming with soreness.

Comment by anna 05.21.07 @ 7:28 am

I don’t want Gracie to be sad, cause that makes me sad and then who knows what might happen, I could start leaking water from my eyes or something and then I’d get kicked out of the Real Man Club and then where would I go drinking on Friday nights? Whoa, that would be horrible. And the club sandwiches are great. So, be of good cheer Gracie, I’ll still be lurking around the corner… ready to pounce. *bite*

Arty, it just is not the same without you. it feels like there is an empty spot now.

but, then again i wouldn’t want you to get kicked out of the Real Man Club since you got a bike and all. the boots do look hot on you as well.

i am just stunned and shocked that all of a sudden i come back and you are gone. i already miss you!

you will always be my Arty Pants.

Comment by Artfuldodger 05.21.07 @ 1:23 pm

I am so glad that you are back! Welcome Home!

awww teacher thank you for such a welcome. i have to still catch up on your blog. you are next on the list. i got through a lot last night.

i was skimming through your blog that i learned about Arty closing up shop. i then raced over to his blog and saw it. i gasped with sadness. *sigh*

Comment by The Teacher 05.21.07 @ 5:11 pm

It’s wonderful to be greeted the way you have always wished for. And perhaps the greetings will extend deep enough into the night to make it worth the wait. I hope so. Take care, G.

thank you very much amorphous. interesting name you have.

Comment by amorphous 05.21.07 @ 11:30 pm

Welcome home baby. I hope E rubs something soothing into your soreness 😉

awwww thank you my sweet and lovely jem. stupid jet lag kept me from fucking last night. but some delicious phone sex this morning put me right as rain till E gets home.

Comment by Jemima 05.22.07 @ 2:56 am

Welcome back Gracie you have been missed! Looking forward to hearing about your adventures. Glad you had fun!

thank you love.

Comment by TeacherInHeels 05.22.07 @ 8:25 am

Welcome back. If you need another one to tease on the phone. You let me know. 😉

ahhh, thank you NC. i have not forgotten you. we need to catch up.

Comment by NC 05.22.07 @ 1:16 pm

Welcome back sweetie! You’ve been missed– and sorely.
I’m bummed about Art leaving too. I guess now we should start writing really dirty stories about him so that he’ll have to keep coming back to read. ha!
The best part about going away is being welcomed home.
E did good.

i miss Arty Pants so much.

thank you for the welcome home. i was really going through some withdrawals. *laughing*

Comment by Desire X 05.23.07 @ 7:18 pm

Glad you’re back…I just found your blog and need you to show me the ropes……and the chains…..and a place i can wash up.

thank you. i will show you the ropes, the chains and everything else. but who said anything about washing up? *evil grin*

Comment by thick 05.24.07 @ 4:41 pm

Must be the evil in me lately, but I couldn’t get the idea of one of those remote control vibrators out of my mind. “Orders to Gracie, insert before landing.”
The thought of you so stuffed and E’s hand on the remote. Now there would have been an greeting after you got off the plane worth seeing. Would have made the visit with the family interesting.

oh S, you and i have such “like” minds. that would make any visit interesting. i like that thought a lot. *smile*

Comment by silence 05.24.07 @ 4:46 pm

Welcome back. Glad to hear your sexuality and writing is aptly fueled.

thank you chris, i am glad to see you back as well.

Comment by Chris 05.29.07 @ 8:17 pm

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