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gracie on playboy radio?
Sunday September 17th 2006, 12:00 am
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i open up my emails this morning. i cannot help but stare at the subject of one in bold lettering: You on Playboy Radio

okay first off i think this is some lame ass ploy for me to advertise on my blog which i refuse to do. i would rather flood my blog with photos and art then to be a whore and put annoying fucking ads on my blog, sorry that is just my opinion. i don’t hate the others for doing it, i just artistically find it…an eye sore. i do not mind putting up links that i feel are worth a look, but…i am going off subject.

so i open up the email with great skepticism (as most capricorns do) and it had the following:

Hey there Gracie..

I write for and found your site linking through some
others. Every Monday, us girls review a sex blog on Sirius’ Playboy
Radio. This Monday, I’m going to talk about yours! I think it’s very
hot, and I’m sure the listeners will love it also.

I just wanted to touch base and see if there’s anything else you may
want to share that isn’t necessarily on your site…like a brief bio
or something. Maybe clarify if you’re in a relationship or more of a
guy-to-guy girl, swinger, bicurious, etc…And I’m assuming your
profile shot is not you, but if it is, let me know. If you don’t feel
like revealing anything, that’s fine too; I’ll just use what you’ve
got on the site.

If you subscribe to Sirius, make sure you tune in around 7:30!
Otherwise, you can check our site ( for the audio
and a full written review on Monday morning/afternoon.


my first reaction is panic. do i really want this kind of exposure to my blog? do i have a choice? i have seen internet reviews and even found one by links by DH Blog Spicy that talked about my blogs. but, radio? damn. i sat there in shock for a few minutes and decided to respond to her email:

hi jenna

wow, i am rather shocked and honored that someone is going to talk
about my blog on the radio. i am a little nervous about it, but that
is ok. *laughing*

i am married, and no that is not my picture on my profile (i do like
to keep my identity private considering the deviant i am). i am
bi-sexual. my husband and i are considering adding men/women to the
bedroom, we are just having a problem finding the right one as we are
both particular. i enjoy talking to various men for different needs,
these are my gems and they know who they are. my husband is aware that i do talk to men. i don’t cyber with men, i like to dig into their
brains and pull out their dark secrets that they cannot even share
with their spouses. i am not after a quick fix, i am after a never
ending mind fuck. i keep most of my off line interactions off my blog
out of respect for my gems unless they ask or grant me to do so. with
gems you never want to sever the bond

what i write about on my blog is very truthful and not fantasy unless
it is a thought i am having. i love art and i love to write. however,
i make no claims to being great in grammar. i don’t write for anyone
but myself. some of my readers will send me emails saying at times
what i write is not their cup of tea. i understand and can respect
their opinions. but, this blog is just a way for me to open a window
into my bedroom and sexuality. it is not going to be for everyone. it
is my form of exhibitionism with some taste. i am not going to post
pictures of myself just to get hits on my blog. i want visits because
a person wants to read me, wants to be voyeuristic into my realm. i
also believe i have inspired other female bloggers as their writing
styles slowly change. i leave hallmark writing for hallmark and i will
keep my style of writing for the deviants.

i don’t judge anyone either. the only people that i utterly despise are
those that do not have open minds and they are so quick to judge.
those are the “vanilla” people and they can just stay on their side of
the train tracks. i don’t need them in my life nor on my blog.

i will gladly add your link to my site since you are doing a review.
since i do not have sirius, is there any way to get a transcript of
the review so that i can post it on my blog?

many thanks,

and so it begins. i anticipate for monday to come along to see what these DJ’s on playboy radio are going to say about my sexually explicit blog. so, if you have the playboy radio channel, listen for me. i won’t be able to listen to the review till they post it on the website monday afternoon. i will update this entry with the proper linkage to the review, etc. etc.

here is the review on DirtySpoke
here is the audio of the review.

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congradulations! next stop…at the movies with ebert and roeper! lol

Comment by Durty Thawtz 09.17.06 @ 3:37 am

Good job dear….sounds like you gonna be famous.

Comment by Edtime Stories 09.17.06 @ 3:50 am

Well, you do deserve recognition for what is (in my humble opinion)one of the best sexblogs around – your blog is honest, erotic, and thought provoking .. a rare combination.

Just protect your right to remain anonymous.



Comment by dirty thirties 09.17.06 @ 6:27 am

This is very cool, Gracie, and it was nice to read the insights you shared with them.

Comment by Al Sensu 09.17.06 @ 7:49 am

durty – why thank you, hmmmm movies. at least the plot line would be good. *wink*

ed – thank you, i don’t think i want to be famous for this though. *laughing*

dirty – awwww D, you really know how to make a girl blush. yes…i want to remain anonymous.

al – thank you so much!

Comment by Gracie 09.17.06 @ 10:32 am

Sounds like an exciting opportunity, Gracie! I share your opinions about commercialism–I don’t want to turn my blog into a billboard, or surrender my independence and creativity–but there’s nothing wrong with publicity to give your writings a little more exposure. Go for it!

Comment by Cherrie 09.17.06 @ 11:27 am

Go girl!

You open up the minds of those who think they know stuff! DT speaks well.

I believe I have Playbot Radio on my sky box so I’ll go hunting tomorrow.

Comment by Jemima 09.17.06 @ 4:13 pm

way to go!

Comment by Don 09.17.06 @ 6:03 pm

Congratulations on the interview. Can’t wait to hear it myself.

Hope your weekend was as wet as mine was sticky 😉

Comment by woodinhand 09.17.06 @ 6:19 pm

Congrats! Well deserved. Desire X from my blogroll got picked by them too!

Comment by Pandora 09.17.06 @ 9:33 pm

Congrats !!!

I am so very happy for you. And u just sound as U only … Gracie … the very Original !

Comment by kindabiz 09.18.06 @ 3:26 am

Congrats girlie. 🙂 Told you that you were hot stuff.

Skeptical capricorn? Abso-freaking-lutely.

Comment by Bunny Lebowski 09.18.06 @ 6:11 am

Great ! Congratulations … I understand your pannic reflex … but, after all, it is all good exposure and well deserved ! Nice post out of it !

Comment by Aragorn 09.18.06 @ 6:31 am

cherrie – why thank you!

jem – thank you doll. i hope it sounds ok, i am waiting for the audio clip.

don – thank you.

wih – the weekend was VERY wet. had to break that down into two different entries…two different men.

pan – thank you love.

kindabiz – thank you my naughty boy.

bunny – hee hee yeah you know that first hand. *wink*

aragorn – why thank you so much dear.

Comment by Gracie 09.18.06 @ 1:00 pm

Congratulations! Well deserved. I have heard them review blogs before, but missed them doing yours. Cool, though. You’re famous!

Comment by Semi-Celibate Man 09.19.06 @ 8:08 pm

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