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gracie got her groove back
Thursday November 26th 2009, 9:20 pm
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it is hard to believe that i would ever have lulls in my sexual activities. i never fathomed it happening. it’s really sad how life can abrupt one of the things i enjoyed so much, orgasms and writing.

i have found myself coming back into my beloved deviant place. talking with dear friends and gaining insight on my current situation. it’s nice to gain perspective and it’s also nice to masturbate excessively again.

it’s not that i have been sexually dormant, it’s i have been sexually, creatively dormant. i haven’t been in touch with myself and mostly because not having the opportunity.

i find myself making up for loss time, last night i had this urge on three separate occasions and one more this morning to masturbate. i love technology and very much love porn on my iPhone. it brings a new spin on “phone sex”. i love that feeling of my whole body tensing as i come causing me to gasp and moan. it’s such an addiction to have those few seconds of pure enlightenment. the afterglow is not the same as post sex and probably why i keep masturbating. each sexual activity has it’s distinct role and feeling.

i also believe the joining forces with Good Vibrations and being an official Brand Ambassador (thank you Charlie) has really picked up my sex blogging spirits. i am excited and already have been thoroughly testing out the latest products they have sent me. i have always loved Good Vibrations, their motto and visiting the stores. i am honored and proud to be working with them. when it rains, it pours when getting my groove back.

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So happy for you!

Comment by Mina 11.26.09 @ 11:21 pm

@Mina aww thank you sweetheart. it feels good to be back in the saddle again. i think it’s: up and down, back and forth, faster…faster. up and down, back and forth, faster…faster. *wink*

Comment by gracie 11.27.09 @ 12:59 pm

Welcome back, Gracie. This Thanksgiving weekend I’m thankful for your return and you got your groove back.

Comment by X 11.30.09 @ 3:10 am

@X aww thank you. my groove has to fit in between my work out schedule now. it’s keeping me busy.

Comment by Gracie 11.30.09 @ 1:18 pm

Welcome Gracie. Can’t wait to see your groove in action!

Comment by X 12.03.09 @ 2:26 am

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