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Saturday September 29th 2007, 11:11 pm
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i want to share with you two emails: the first being from H and my response to him. honestly i couldn’t keep this to myself and after reading what he wrote and what i wrote, i feel i am no match for his words. i almost feel inept. i want to give him that bit of speechlessness that he gives to me in return.

H wrote:

“How soon is now..?” she asked me and my mind began a slow lope and then into full sprint as my eyes pierced hers and down into her soul. The beast inside has come awake to the sight of her raven hair and her nails pressing into my back, slowly digging up and down with the slightest quiver. Her leg is thrown over mine and I can feel the heat of love warming my thigh, a blood red clutch of petals growing warm and radiant.

Her simple question fills the room and hovers around us, slipping in and out of the sheets, swishing through the dark curtains, brushing the candle fire, and then stopping between us for its release.

There is no reason to speak again. We know this as our eyes connect as two seers piercing down into the magma of each others core. The exchange has begun and the electric heat is now rising up from the soles of our feet that have found each others touch to the top of our heads, releasing the elemental fires of our passion

My mind races back to last night, the journey, the long run after the hunt. The branches tearing into my sides as I ran headlong into the darkness of the valley. Eyes are steady and on fire and the red light leads my way between the trees and the sting of thorns as they reach out to the dark blur racing past them. My bared teeth inhale the cool night air and furiously pump steam back into the forest through my flaring nostrils as I race home… back to the dark angel asleep in my lair.

She examines my forearm and sees the scratches, the marks, the dried splatter of an others blood and fury… and she is pleased, like always, that I have fed in a wild frenzy, without remorse, guilt, or compassion… Isn’t this how we always meet, time after time, again and again, for eternity, beyond the confines of time and space? We are aware that this is the dark dance of passion that we are intertwined… never to escape, never wanting to escape, never needing the answer to it all…

my response:

you have tongue tied me in such a way i can’t even convey to you the smile and warmth i have from reading what you wrote. just reading that leads me to believe you really do understand how i think and you actually “get” me. i am truly speechless and i read it slowly a second time thinking i could properly respond to you. instead i want to put in on my blog and share it with the others.

i used to be in a much darker place and used to write a lot of “poetry” and i hate using that word. but, in my writings i talked about being in this dark place and daring others to come down there to try to walk with me. down there i was completely in control and it was my feeding ground that was all mine. yet, the darkness was always unknown and that was the beauty of the journey. lurking about dark corners and getting lost in off beaten paths.

interacting with you is quite different. we go through our “busy” spells and the minute i hear from you i light up and it is as if there was no time between us. it is quite an amazing thing. i always thought that when two people did not interact on a somewhat frequent basis that one or the other would lose interest. not in our case, or at least from what i can tell.

it is quite remarkable.

unspoken words, glares, touches, stares, breathing and heat speaks volumes between us. give me the beast and i promise not to tame it. i would lick the blood that dried on your wild flesh, kiss the scrapes, scratches and bite marks of nature and your victims. i want to make fresh wounds on your skin, not wounds of a prey but wounds of lust, want, absolute need. i want to give what you can take from me and force from me. it is a fight but it is our kind of fight.

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Thank you for sharing. It is something rather unique. *smile*

Comment by Mina 09.30.07 @ 7:44 am

You two are both exquisite with words. You truly have a powerful connection.

Comment by Chris 09.30.07 @ 5:34 pm

i think i just melted into my chair with “our kind of fight”…yum….it is amazing when you actually connect with someone who “gets” you…this was remarkable. xoxo

Comment by darkpixie 10.01.07 @ 6:42 pm


Comment by shibari 10.01.07 @ 7:57 pm

Thank you for sharing this. I loved being able to read the back and forth instead of just yours or his e-mail.

Comment by devonshirediva 10.01.07 @ 9:05 pm

It is always in the Fall, when the weather cools and the forest grows cool, that you can really run. Run hard, run fast. Run and hunt for serious prey. The kind that will leave your face covered in blood and grinning.

Sometimes you meet other predators there in the cool, cool forest.

Circling, you sniff and sniff. Never friend but sometimes packmates. Blood on your face, steaming in the cool air, as with your sharp teeth, you bite her neck and hold her down. Down in willing submission.

Both of you want it so badly, so who is D, and who is s.

Those of us with inner beasts, do howl when two of the darkly, darkly pack, do mate…


Comment by Silence 10.02.07 @ 10:33 am

Finding the ones we can connect with is a hunt in itself. For you to share with us means it must be something special with H.

Comment by kitty 10.14.07 @ 1:33 am

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